Your Forces, and how to Use Them, Volume 2

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Page 3 - It is easier for the camel to pass through the needle's eye than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven,
Page 15 - The Nirvana of the Hindus suggests all the possibilities of life coming to our planet, — "Nirvana " implying that calmness, serenity, and confidence of mind which comes of the absolute certainty that every effort we make, every enterprise we undertake, must be successful; and that the happiness we realize this month...
Page 10 - ... to him that hath shall be given, and to him that hath not shall .be taken away even that which he seemeth to have.
Page 7 - Sometimes we are even in a hurry to put them on; like the young gentleman who sticks an eye-glass to his eye, and thereby the sooner ruins the sight of a sound organ, in order to look tony or bookish. There are more and more possibilities in Nature, in the elements, and in man and out of man; and they come as fast as man sees and knows how to use these forces in Nature and in himself. Possibilities and miracles mean the same thing. The telephone sprung suddenly on " our folks
Page 5 - ... stronger for that addition of element, it may not be strong enough to give quickly to the body what you may have taken from it through such despondent thought. Persistency in thinking health, in imagining or idealizing yourself as healthy, vigorous, and symmetrical, is the cornerstone of health and beauty. Of that which you think most, that you will be, and that you will have most of. You say "No.
Page 7 - O may the word prove a savor of life unto life, and not of death unto death.
Page 4 - ... from drowning, or strike a dagger to his heart. Of whatever possible thing we think, we are building, in unseen substance, a construction which will draw to us forces or elements to aid us or hurt us, according to the character of thought we think or put out. If you expect to grow old, and keep ever in your mind an image or construction of yourself as old and decrepit, you will assuredly be so. You are then making yourself so. If you make a plan in thought, in unseen element, for yourself, as...
Page 2 - ... burglaries and scandals for the last twenty-four hours; and the queen of the household buries herself in sullen resignation or household cares, then there are being literally consumed at that table, along with the food, the thought-element of worry and murder and suicide and the morbid element, which loves to dwell on the horrible and ghastly ; and, as a result, dyspepsia, in some of its many forms, will be manufactured all the way down the line, from one end of the table to the other. If the...
Page 13 - For every created man there is a created woman, who stands to him, and him alone, as the only true wife he can have in this world, or any other.

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