Youth, School, and Vocation

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Houghton Mifflin, 1915 - Profession, Choice of - 273 pages
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Page 111 - ... for employment. Such committees may take steps either by themselves or in co-operation with other bodies or persons to give information, advice and assistance to boys and girls and their parents with respect to the choice of employment and other matters bearing thereon.
Page 10 - It is, unfortunately, only too clear that the mass of unemployment is continually being recruited by a stream of young men from industries which rely upon unskilled boy labor, and turn it adrift at manhood without any general or special industrial qualification, and that it will never be diminished till this stream is arrested.
Page 1 - He therefore sometimes took me to walk with him, and see joiners, bricklayers, turners, braziers, etc., at their work, that he might observe my inclination, and endeavor to fix it on some trade or other on land.
Page 111 - Under the new act the councils of counties and county boroughs, as local education authorities, are empowered to make arrangements, subject to the approval of the Board of Education, for giving to boys and girls under seventeen years of age assistance with respect to the choice of suitable employment, by means of the collection and the communication of information and the furnishing of advice.
Page 27 - It is to be hoped that the constructive work and the study of industry in the elementary school will ultimately be of such a character that when the pupil reaches the age at which the activities of adult life make their appeal, he will be able to make a wise choice in reference to them, and be already advanced in an appreciable measure toward the goal of his special vocation.
Page 33 - Schools or any person whom he may appoint, arrange vocational lectures for the members of the graduating classes. " Fifth, the Bureau believes that schoolmasters and teachers should be definitely trained to give vocational counsel, and therefore, that it is advisable for this vocational director, in cooperation with the Superintendent of Schools, to establish a series of conferences to which certain selected teachers and masters should be invited on condition that they will agree in turn definitely...
Page 36 - ... the effort to advise and direct merely will largely fail. Both will require added executive labor which will fall upon the teachers at first. We believe they will accept the responsibility. If, as Dr. Eliot says, teachers find those schools more interesting where the lifecareer motive is present, then the sooner that motive is discovered in the majority of pupils the more easily will the daily work be done and the product correspondingly improved. " In order to enlist the interest and cooperation...
Page 68 - ... can apply himself here so as to be well placed in life. Comment of boys? We have a bowling alley, reading room, and library, park, and much to make service here pleasant. It is something like school still. We mean to stay. Piecework will give us good pay by the time we are 20 years old.
Page 149 - ... have, therefore, come to the conclusion that if we want to turn into competent and trained workmen the 300,000 boys who now annually in the United Kingdom start wage earning at something or other, there is only one plan. We must shorten the legally permissible hours of employment for boys, and \vo must require them to spend the hours so set free in physical and technological training.
Page 109 - It shall be lawful for a school board, if they think fit, in addition to any powers already vested in them, to incur expenditure and to defray the same out of the school fund, in carrying out or in combining...

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