Z80 Microprocessor Technology: Hardware, Software, and Interfacing

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Delmar Publishers, 1986 - Computers - 420 pages

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2's complement A/D converter active low Add contents address bus address decoder address pointed ANALOG-TO-DIGITAL CONVERTER arithmetic the contents ASCII assembly language asynchronous serial communication baud rate Biggy trainer binary number buffer capacitor carry flag Centronic printer port circuit circular the contents CMOS COMMENT FLAGS contains contents of accumulator contents of memory contents of register control register control signal control word converter core memory data bus decoder Decrement device direct memory access displayed on port disregard instruction down counter dynamic RAM Edge of Clock EPROM Exclusive-OR flag Z=l flags register flip-flop gate Hex key HIGH byte Increment index register input port input/output instruction set INTACK integrated circuit Intel interface interrupt IOWR ister jump JUMP instruction latched least significant byte Load contents logic logic analyzer LOOP LOW byte machine cycle memory location memory management unit memory pointed memory refresh microcomputer microprocessor MNEMONIC mode MREQ multiplexer NAND gate next instruction op code OPCODE open-collector operating system operation optocoupler Otherwise Z output port parity port pointed printed circuit board processor program counter protoboard random access memory read machine read only memory REBOOT register D register pair Reset bit resistor resistor ladder Riung Rotate left Rotate right serial Set bit set the zero seven-segment display shift register Shift right shown in Figure stack pointer static RAM status register stepper motor strobe subroutine Subtract contents switch sync character transistor TRI-STATE Output UART USART voltage voltage comparator VrEf wire-wrap X X X zero flag Z

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