Zalmoxis and Other Poems

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E. Stock, 1892 - English poetry - 215 pages
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Page 188 - And relax Pluto's brow, And make leap up with joy the beauteous head Of Proserpine, among whose crowned hair Are flowers first open'd on Sicilian air, And flute his friend, like Orpheus, from the dead.
Page 196 - Why didst thou leave the trodden paths of men Too soon, and with weak hands though mighty heart Dare the unpastured dragon in his den?
Page 188 - No, no, no life! Why should a dog, a horse, a rat, have life, And thou no breath at all? Thou'lt come no more, Never, never, never, never, never!
Page 188 - O easy access to the hearer's grace When Dorian shepherds sang to Proserpine ! For she herself had trod Sicilian fields, She knew the Dorian water's gush divine, She knew each lily white which Enna yields, Each rose with blushing face ; She loved the Dorian pipe, the Dorian strain. But ah, of our poor Thames she never heard ! Her foot the Cumner cowslips never stirr'd ; And we should tease her with our plaint in vain...
Page 197 - One, kneeling to a lyre, touch'd the strings, Muffling to death the pathos with his wings; And, ever and anon, uprose to look At the youth's slumber; while another took A willow bough, distilling odorous dew, And shook it on his hair; another flew In through the woven roof, and fluttering-wise Rain'd violets upon his sleeping eyes.
Page 188 - Or herdsman's horn, or bell at closing day ; Since she can mimic not his lips, more dear Than those for whose disdain she pined away Into a shadow of all...
Page 188 - The airs and streams renew their joyous tone; The ants, the bees, the swallows reappear; Fresh leaves and flowers deck the dead Seasons...
Page 188 - Our Adonais has drunk poison — oh! What deaf and viperous murderer could crown Life's early cup with such a draught of woe?
Page 195 - Leave me not!" cried Urania: her distress Roused Death; Death rose and smiled, and met her vain caress. XXVI "Stay yet awhile! speak to me once again; Kiss me, so long but as a kiss may live; And in my heartless breast and burning brain That word, that kiss shall all thoughts else survive, With food of saddest memory kept alive, Now thou art dead, as if it were a part Of thee, my Adonais!
Page 196 - Another in her wilful grief would break Her bow and winged reeds, as if to stem A greater loss with one which was more weak; And dull the barbed fire against his frozen cheek.

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