Zeal without innovation: or, The present state of religion and morals considered [by J. Bean].

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Sayfa 88 - WE are accounted righteous before God, only for the merit of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ by faith, and not for our own works or deservings...
Sayfa 318 - In doctrine of manners there is little but generality and repetition. The word, the bread of life, they toss up and down, they break it not : they draw not their directions down
Sayfa 128 - This set of men contributed more than can be well imagined to reform the way of preaching; which among the divines of England before them was over-run with pedantry, a great mixture of quotations from fathers and ancient writers, a long opening of a text with the concordance of every word in it, and a giving all the different expositions with the grounds of them, and the entring into some parts of controversy, and all concluding in some, but very short, practical applications, according to the subject...
Sayfa 104 - I do allow to be a conversion ; and no one, who is in the situation above described, can be saved without undergoing it; and he must necessarily both be sensible of it at the time, and remember it all his life afterwards. It is too momentous an event ever to be forgot. A man might as easily forget his escape from a shipwreck.
Sayfa 277 - ... These things have I in all sincerity and simplicity set down, touching the controversies which now trouble the Church of England ; and that without all art and insinuation, and therefore not like to be grateful to either part : Notwithstanding, I trust what hath been said shall find a correspondence in their minds which are not embarked in partiality, and which love the whole better than a part...
Sayfa 266 - The devotion of the poet or the philosopher may be secretly nourished by prayer, meditation, and study; but the exercise of public worship appears to be the only solid foundation of the religious sentiments of the people, which derive their force from imitation and habit. The interruption of that public exercise may consummate, in the period of a few years, the important work of a national revolution. The memory of theological opinions cannot long be preserved without the artificial helps of priests,...
Sayfa 63 - Heaven is for thee too high To know what passes there ; be lowly wise : Think only what concerns thee and thy being...
Sayfa 134 - ... degree. The clergy ought to contrive ways to meet often together, to enter into a brotherly correspondence, and into the concerns one of another, both in order to their progress in knowledge, and for consulting together in all their affairs.
Sayfa vii - Alas ! alas ! Why, all the souls that were were forfeit once ; And he that might the vantage best have took, Found out the remedy. How would you be, If he, which is the top of judgment', should But judge you as you are ? Oh ! think on that, And mercy then will breathe within your lips, Like man new made.
Sayfa 275 - Flows through each member of th' embodied state, Sure, not unconscious of the mighty blessing, Her grateful sons shine bright with ev'ry virtue ; Untainted with the LUST OF INNOVATION ; Sure, all unite to hold her league of rule, Unbroken, as the sacred chain of nature, That links the jarring elements in peace.

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