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Page 456 - MARKHAM, Capt. Albert Hastings, RN— The Great Frozen Sea : A Personal Narrative of the Voyage of the Alert during the Arctic Expedition of 1875-6.
Page 491 - MOCKLER, E. — A Grammar of the Baloochee Language, as it is spoken in Makran (Ancient Gedrosia), in the Persia-Arabic and Roman characters.
Page 549 - Senior's Travel and Trout in the Antipodes. An Angler's Sketches in Tasmania and New Zealand. By WILLIAM SENIOR ("Red Spinner"), Author of
Page 505 - CONTENTS. — Staff of the College ; Prospectus for the Year; Table of Marks ; Syllabus of Course of Study ; Leave and Pension Rules of Indian Service ; Class and Prize Lists ; Past Students serving in India ; Entrance Examination Papers, &c. Corbet (ME) A Pleasure Trip to India, during the Visit of HRH the Prince of Wales, and afterwards to Ceylon.
Page 289 - Oeffnen der wohlriechenden Blüten streckt sie sich über Wasser. Die Wurzeln sind dick und ganz kurz; sie kleben fest auf dem glatten Stein und halten die Pflanze selbst beim stärksten Wasserdrange.
Page 453 - A Search for Winter Sunbeams in the Riviera, Corsica, Algiers, and Spain. By the Hon. Samuel 8. Cox. With numerous graphic Woodcuts, Chromolithographs, and Steel Engravings. 8vo. cloth extra, 16s. Normandy Picturesque; a New Artistic Book of Travel. By Henry Blackburn, Author of ** Artists and Arabs,
Page 530 - Appendix, containing and being a paper about the ancient nations and races who inhabited Mexico before and at the time of the Spanish Conquest, and the ancient stone and other structures and ruins of ancient Cities found there.
Page 475 - NORTHERN WATERING PLACES OF FRANCE: A Guide for English People to the Holiday Resorts on the Coasts of the French Netherlands, Picardy, Normandy, and Brittany. By ROSA BAUGHAN (Author of " Winter Havens in the Sunny South,
Page 563 - District. Reduced from the Revenue Survey, completed in 1872. By Lieutenant-Colonel W. Crewe, Staff Corps, and FC Puckle, Esq. , MA , Deputy Superintendents. Scale 1 mile to 1 inch. On 2 sheets. Size 40 inches by 40. — Map of the Pullampet Taluq, Cuddapah District. Survey Office, Madras, 1877. Scale 1 mile to 1 inch. On 4 sheets. Size 56 inches by 42. — Map of the Rayachoti Taluk, Cuddapah District. Surveyed and mapped under the direction of FC Puckle, Esq., Deputy Superintendent, Madras Revenue...
Page 452 - The Condition of Nations, Social and Political ; with Complete Comparative Tables of Universal Statistics. Translated, edited, and collated to 1880 by Mrs Brewer; with Original Notes and Information by Edwin W.

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