Zeitschrift der Deutschen Morgenländischen Gesellschaft, Volume 45

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Page 291 - Drei Denkschriften über die orientalische Frage von Papst Leo X., König Franz I. von Frankreich und Kaiser Maximilian I. aus dem Jahre 1517.
Page 386 - The book is not milk for babes : it might be likened to a mirror, wherein is set forth faithfully some parcel of the soil of Arabia smelling of samn and camels. And such, I trust, for the persons, that if the words [written all-day from their mouths,] were rehearsed to them in Arabic, there might every one, whose life is remembered therein, hear, as it were, his proper voice ; and many a rude bystander, smiting his thigh, should bear witness and cry ' Ay Wellah, the sooth indeed...
Page 451 - (rubr.) ». — « <P>ostquam expediuimus nos auxilio Dei ab eo quod opus fuit preponere in hoc nostro libro...
Page lx - Geographisches Wörterbuch aus den Handschriften zu Berlin, St. Petersburg, Paris, London und Oxford auf Kosten der Deutschen Morgenländischen Gesellschaft herausgegeben von Ferdinand Wüstenfeld.
Page 621 - ... (was) flying beyond that (target) ; -whither the arrow had been thrown, there was no place (to hit), where if a target had been constructed, then it (the arrow) would have been manifest (?). Afterwards it was ordered by us : an invisible target is constructed for the future (?) ; an invisible...
Page 596 - Götter' heissen. Die eine Hälfte derselben führt die Aufsicht in dem Räume über der Erde, die andere unter der Erde; so überschauen sie, was unter den Menschen und was am Himmel vorgehe. Je nach 10 Tagen werde von den oberen zu den unteren einer der Sterne als Bote gesandt und ebenso wieder einer von den unterirdischen zu den oberen. Diese Bewegung derselben sei fest bestimmt und gehe regelmässig fort im ewigen Kreislauf.
Page viii - ... of Inscriptions, etc. ; with Descriptive and Explanatory Text. Together with Transcriptions, Translations, and Elucidations of the Dhauli and Jaugada Inscriptions of Asoka, by Professor G. BUHLER, LL.D. Vol. I. With numerous Plates and Woodcuts. Royal 410, half-bound, BURGESS, James.
Page ix - Melanges asiatiques tires du Bulletin de l'Academie Imperiale des sciences de St. Petersbourg.
Page vii - Trubner's Record.— A Journal devoted to the Literature of the East, with Notes and Lists of Current American, European, and Colonial Publications.
Page 212 - ... holds the axe is brilliant like gold ; with the tire of the chariot they have struck the earth. 3. On your bodies there are daggers for beauty ; may they stir up our minds as they stir up the forests. For yourselves, O well-born Maruts, the vigorous among you shake the stone for distilling Soma. 4. Days went round you and came back, O hawks, back to this prayer, and to this sacred rite; the Gotamas making prayer with songs, pushed up the lid of the well (the cloud) for to drink.

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