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Pàgina 524 - Dodge's (Colonel) The Hunting Grounds of the Great West : A Description of the Plains, Game, and Indians of the Great North American Desert. By RICHARD IRVING DODGE, Lieutenant-Colonel of the United States Army. With an Introduction by WILLIAM BLACKMORE; Map, and numerous Illustrations drawn by ERNEST GRISET.
Pàgina 535 - REID, GH An essay on New South Wales, the mother colony of the Australias.
Pàgina 514 - With upwards of 70 illustrations engraved on wood by G. Pearson, after finished drawings executed on the spot by the author.
Pàgina 524 - Hamilton (JC), The Prairie Province: sketches of travel from Lake Ontario to Lake Winnipeg, and an account of the geographical position, civil institutions, climate, inhabitants, productions, trade, and resources of the Red River Valley.
Pàgina 527 - With Portrait of Lord Dufferin. 21s. " Mr. St. John has given us in these pages a record of all that was seen and done in a very successful visit. His book is instructive, and it should be interesting to -the general reader.
Pàgina 525 - Mineral Wealth, Climate and Rain-fall and Natural Resources of the Black Hills of Dakota; by Walter P.
Pàgina 511 - JAC , die Triangulation von Java, ausgeführt vom Personal des Geographischen Dienstes in Niederländisch Ost-Indien.
Pàgina 510 - Mammalia of India," " Denizens of the Jungles." Illustrated by the Author. With a Map and an Appendix containing a brief Topographical and Historical Account of the District of Seonee in the Central Provinces of India.
Pàgina 287 - Contribution to palaeontology in the Sixteenth annual Report of the Regents of the University of New -York, Appendix D. p. 129. Albany 1863.
Pàgina 177 - Am Rande des Uädi Minhero, wo das Flussbett felsig war und grosse Tümpel enthielt, fanden sich zahlreiche Fussspuren von Krokodilen, die im Schlamm so genau abgedrückt waren, dass man selbst den Schuppenpanzer der Sohle erkennen konnte. Der kleine Vorderfuss lässt eine fast sternförmige Figur zurück , während die des Hinterfusses der Fussspur eines Kindes nicht unähnlich sieht. An den drei äusseren Zehen beider Füsse fehlen die Krallen.

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