Zella and Other Poems

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Hodder and Stoughton, 1877 - 200 pages
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Page 155 - Man of the furrow'd brow, wither'd and old, Say, what do those realms to thine eyes unfold ? " I am weary with breasting the billows of time, And I long for the peace of that sunnier clime. . No toil and no trouble, no sorrow, no tears ; I shall win back the freshness of youth's faded years." Christian, scorn'd and forsaken, yet calm in thy faith ? What seest thou beyond this cold region of death ? " All, all that can waken glad thoughts within, — A mind ever busy, yet no whisper of sin ; My Saviour...
Page 155 - The flowers of that land are all fairer than this, And no winter comes o'er them to darken our bliss. My lost mother is singing those bright bowers among ; Twill be heaven to hear her, so sweet is her song.
Page 128 - Wi' words of mickle pride. O many a lover sought her bower, Wha sadly turned away • For ill to please, and hard to win, Was the baron's bonnie May. There came a harper to the ha' When winter nights were lang ; He touch'd the strings wi' ready hand, And mony a lay he sang.
Page 154 - CHILD of the laughing eye, Careless and free, Tell me what smile of joy Heaven wears for thee. " The flowers of that land Are all fairer than this, And no winter comes o'er them To darken our bliss. My lost mother is singing Those bright bowers among ; 'Twill be heaven to hear her, So sweet is her song.
Page 134 - She is nae child o' mine." They spread the feast as they were wont, Held wassail in the ha', In laugh and jest the baron's voice Rang loudest o' them a'. But oft her mother bent to hide The salt tears in her ee, And her brothers speir'd wi...
Page 148 - ANGELS— Ministry of. I believe it is mercy that our eyes are shut to save us from angel-worship ; for I so believe in the ministry of angels that I do not know but if I saw them I might be led to give them homage. The distinctions between latrio and douliu might then appear. And if in the upper world we shall see the " angel that came and ministered unto Him," I think the whole Church will be greatly interested in that angel.
Page 134 - In laugh and jest the baron's voice rang loudest o' them a'. But oft her mother bent to hide the salt tears in her e'e, And her brothers speir'd wi' wonderin' look, " Where can our sister be ?" But little kenn'd they a' how changed was that young smiling , face, And little wist the southron knight o
Page 144 - In thin calm sadnesii there is sweet relief From the wild turmoil of its ceaseless noise. Is not to earth the peaceful starry night As grateful as the day's returning light? Thou, oh my Father, doest all things well ! And all Thy gifts both good and perfect are. When I shall in Thy presence come to dwell, Above this changing scene, exalted far, Clouds shall no more our place of meeting be, Bnt I, in light, shall ever dwell with Thee.
Page 143 - Those shadows are called sorrows, yet I know That 'neath them oft my joys divinely flow. The grave He makes a holy meeting-place ; While a sad mourner there I trembling stand, I see my Heavenly Father face to face, And feel the pressure of His tender hand ; While my dear Saviour's voice dispels all fear : " Father, let those I love be with me here.
Page 78 - T is summer on the meadows, And the earth is bright with shadows Of the white clouds floating lightly o'er the sky; The bells are gaily ringing, And the joyous lark is singing, Ever sweeter, as unseen he soars on high. All is brightness, all is beauty; To rejoice now is a duty ; Let us fill our hearts with gladness to the brim, It is flowing o'er the land, Scattered freely from His Hand ; Let our songs of blessing sweetly flow to Him : To Him, our God who reigns Over...

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