Zombpunk: ARROW

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Christopher Blankley - Fiction
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It only took a moment for it all to vanish, one spark to set fire to the world. The fears and paranoia of a single man spread like a plague through all humanity, aided by the stem. Only the Pukes were immune, those who'd refused implantation. Civilization burned.

But in the commune of Bannock, life continues, safe behind high valley walls. The town stands as the last bastion of life in a world swarming with the undead. 

It was to Bannock that Elder and his fellow Pukes ran, as the world collapsed around them. In Bannock, they found refuge, food and peace.

But the chaos of the world without still threatens the safety within: wild bands of Skinnies stumble into the valley, seeking easy prey, and Drew Arrow, Bannock's billionaire benefactor, remains lost in the wilderness...

Then, when a nugget of computer code hints at the possibility of ending the apocalypse, Elder and the others must consider the unimaginable: leaving the safety of Bannock's cloistered valley.

ARROW is the second action-packed chapter in the continuing Zombpunk series, picking up six months after the conclusion of STEM.

Would you risk it all to get back a little of what you lost? 


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