Zoroaster, Volume 1

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Macmillan and Company, 1885 - Iran - 269 pages
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Page 99 - with a languid grace of secure motion; and she bent her head a little as Atossa came quickly to meet her. The queen's frank smile was on her face as she grasped both Nehushta's hands in cordial welcome, and for a moment, the two women looked into each other's eyes.
Page 185 - of their nature. For the first element of man is perishable matter. And the second element of man is the portion of the universal agent which gives him life. And the third element of man is the reflection of his perishable substance in the astral light, coincident with him, but not visible to his earthly eye. The fourth
Page 269 - went by. She had one slave whom she trusted more than the rest. It was the little Syrian maid, who was half a Hebrew. " Go," she said quickly, in her own tongue. " Go in one direction and I will go in another, and search out Zoroaster, the high priest, and bring him
Page 265 - and struck the dark crags and doubled in the echo, and died away in short, faint pulsations of sound upon the startled air. Nehushta started slightly. It might have been the cry of a wolf, or of some wild beast prowling upon the heights, but she had never heard such a sound
Page 274 - as it were, a dirge for themselves. Nehushta tried the door. The great bronze gates were locked together, and though she pushed with her whole strength, they would not move a hair's breadth. " Press the nail nearest the middle," said a small voice behind her. Nehushta started
Page 275 - look was very loving and very sad. " Knowest thou not, Zoroaster, that I would rather die with thee than live with any other ? I swear to thee, by the God of my fathers, I will not leave thee.
Page 273 - along upon the wall till you find a place where you can descend. Through the gardens you can easily reach the road by the northern gate. Fly and save yourselves in the darkness. You will reach the fortress before dawn if you hasten. You will hasten," she added with something of disdain in her voice, for before she had half uttered her
Page 37 - as we shall be one when there is no time for us any more. Then Ahura Mazda, the all-wise God, took our two
Page 272 - the little Syrian maid came running in, almost tearing the curtains from their brazen rods as she thrust the hangings aside. She came and fell breathless at Nehushta's feet and clasped her knees. " Fly, fly, beloved mistress," she cried, " the devils of the mountains are upon us—they cover the

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