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Davis, 1861 - 546 pages
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Page 342 - army, host, commando, force, battle, affair ; part to begin the attack, front of the battle, post of honour; any large body or company of people ; adversary, foe, enemy, person or people in state of hostility.
Page 457 - ... that all the blood in the body goes to it, as a sort of house ; hence the word is used also to express bodily life, which exists as long as the umxwelo is in action, that is, so long as the man breathes.
Page 49 - ... New Year's eve, believing that the small-pox god will pass them by, and not recognize them. At the beginning of the New Year in Natal, a ceremony is performed by the chief by spurting from his mouth a mixture of the New Year's fruits in different directions as if upon his enemies. After this ceremony it is lawful for the people to eat the New Year's fruits. They are only eaten by stealth before. The teacher in China who must send poems on New Year's day to the parents of his pupils, sits on New...
Page 336 - Indigo plant, so called because children dye armlets of grass with indigo, then dry them in the sun (peJcd), and so imitate izimbedu with them.
Page 92 - State in the period from about the middle of January to about the middle of February.
Page viii - All the men, young and old, in one place, whether only two or three, or a large band, or the whole body ; hence company, council, assembly, strength of a kraal or tribe ; *company of believers, Church.
Page 158 - HLOBONGA, v. Court or woo (in a good sense) ; court or entice a person to do any thing; have sexual intercourse in a certain lewd way externally.
Page viii - Take off, strip off, (as a blanket, mist, fog, smoke, &c.) ; remove, (as any broad thing laid over something else,) ; open, (as a booik)=Penya. *AMKELO (Ts), n. Woman's word for
Page 119 - Kill a bullock in honour of a girl about to be married, or in order to purify a woman after the death of a near relative, in which case the woman goes to her father's, and has the gall of the animal rubbed upon her arm.
Page 155 - Small plant, whose edible seed-pods hang curled down like pairs of little horns.

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