Zur Syntax des Verbs in Langleys Vision of William....

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Richter, 1887 - 83 pages
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Page 1 - THE VISION OF WILLIAM CONCERNING PIERS THE PLOWMAN, together with Vita de Dowel, Dobet, et Dobest, Secundum Wit et Resoun, by WILLIAM LANGLAND (1377 AD). The " Crowley
Page 19 - Warwick 1925/26): alle men of Religioun, her ordre and her reule wil to han a certeyne noumbre 20, 262.
Page 33 - Awey fro the auter thanne • turne I myn eyghen, And biholde how Eleyne • hath a newe cote ; I wisshe thanne it were myne • and al the webbe after. And of mennes lesynge I laughe...
Page 38 - Py wylle is, we schal wyl after (Gaw. & GK 255). Clauses introduced by relative adverbs: — if pis kynge come in, mankynde wil he fecche and lede it per hym lyketh (PPL B xviii 266). In some subordinate clauses this is normal usage even today. In subordinate clauses the present tense may also be used to indicate past action in the future: — / shal wel bryngen it aboute To come ayeyn, soone after that I go (Ch. TC iv 1276). The...
Page 50 - I frayned hym first • fram whennes he come, And of whennes he were • and whider that he thoujte. 'I am Feith,' quod that freke • 'it falleth noujte to lye, 176 And of Abrahames hous • an heraud of armes. I seke after a segge • that I seigh ones, A ful bolde bacheler • I knewe hym by his blasen.
Page 66 - Fauel with his fikel speche • feffeth bi this chartre To be prynces in pryde • and pouerte to dispise, To bakbite, and to bosten • and bere fals witnesse, To scorne and to scolde • and sclaundere to make, Vnboxome and bolde • to breke the ten hestes ; — And the...
Page 41 - I sede to pe plow, I pynched so narwe, pat a fote londe or a forwe fecchen I wolde, | of my nexte neighbore nymen of his erthe,- and if rope, ouer-reche, or $af hem red pat ropen L XHI 374.
Page 12 - Shal be demed to the deth • but if he do it smythye In-to sikul or to sithe • to schare or to kulter; Conflabunt gladios suos 1n vomeres, $c.
Page 61 - ... pattern: clean-washed sheep with pink ribbons round their necks lying in the tranquil shade, while a shepherd, in pink ribbons, pipes to them through the livelong day. But in fact they felt themselves as shepherdless as we :
Page 52 - I sey it by my self," quod he, "and it so were That I were kynge with crowne to kepen a rewme, Shulde nevere wronge in...

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