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iUniverse, 1 mar 2006 - 268 pagine
The questions surrounding God, the soul, and the meaning of life are central to our existence. Our thoughts on these topics influence our decisions, our behaviors, and our course in life. When so many faiths and opinions about these vital questions are available, how can we know which is right and which is best for us?

In "The Path of Reason: A Philosophy of Nonbelief," author Bruce Smith offers an alternative that many people may have never considered or have ruled out entirely. By opening and reexamining the principles of faith and reason, he is able to provide insights into long debated and highly controversial issues, including reincarnation and evolution.

Smith's thorough understanding of the liberal and conservative ideologies that are in contention in today's culture wars will open new avenues of philosophical consideration. In the end, he constructs a "truth over conformity" philosophy that is both clear and life affirming while providing a newfound appreciation for what it is to be human.

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