heartbreak house, great catherine, and playlets of the war

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Page 107 - false; Mr Mangan's millions are false; there is nothing really strong and true about Hesione but her beautiful black hair; and Lady Utterword's is too pretty to be real. The one thing that was left to me was the Captain's seventh degree of concentration; and that turns out to be — CAPTAIN SHOTOVER. Rum. LADY UTTERWORD
Page 117 - CAPTAIN SHOTOVER. The captain is in his bunk, drinking bottled ditch-water; and the crew is gambling in the forecastle. She will strike and sink and split. Do you think the laws of God will be suspended in favor of England because you were born in it? HECTOR. And this ship that we are all in? This soul's prison we call England?
Page 195 - well! No matter. O'FLAHERTY [sympathetically']. Yes, sir: she's pigheaded and obstinate: there's no doubt about it. She's like the English: they think there's no one like themselves. It's the same with the Germans, though they're educated and ought to know better. You'll never have a quiet world till you knock the patriotism out of the human race. O'FLAHERTY.
Page 122 - HECTOR. — the two burglars — LADY UTTERWORD. —the two practical men of business — MAZZINI. — both gone. And the poor clergyman will have to get a new house. MRS HUSHABYE. But what a glorious experience! I hope they'll come again tomorrow night. ELUE [radiant at the prospect]. Oh, I hope so.
Page 46 - with which we bring them into the world, and make strange dangers and torments for themselves to be even with us? CAPTAIN SHOTOVER [weirdly chanting"]. I builded a house for my daughters, and opened the doors thereof, That men might come for their choosing, and their betters spring from their love; But one of them married a numskull;
Page 117 - HECTOR. Well, I don't mean to be drowned like a rat in a trap. I still have the will to live. What am I to do? CAPTAIN SHOTOVER. Navigation. Learn it and live; or leave it and be damned.
Page 67 - Don't tell Hector. He believes in it. ELLIE [groaning"]. Oh! Even the hair that ensnared him false! Everything false! MRS HUSHABYE. Pull it and try. Other women can snare men in their hair; but I can swing a baby on mine. Aha! you can't do that, Goldylocks. ELLIE [heartbroken]. No. You have stolen my babies.
Page 4 - CAPTAIN SHOTOVER [looking in from the hall suddenly: an ancient but still hardy man with an immense white beard, in a reefer jacket with a whistle hanging from his neck~\. Nurse, there is a hold-all and a handbag on the front steps for everybody to fall over. Also a tennis racquet. Who the devil left them there?
Page 107 - A good deal of my hair is quite genuine. The Duchess of Dithering offered me fifty guineas for this [touching her forehead] under the impression that it was a transformation; but it is all natural except the color. MANGAN [wildly]. Look here: I'm going to take off all my clothes [he begins tearing off his coat]. LADY
Page 58 - MAZZINI. Of course it's very hard to say how any marriage will turn out; but speaking for myself, I should say that he won't have a dog's chance against Ellie. You know, Ellie has remarkable strength of character. I think it is because I taught her to like Shakespeare when she was very young.

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