v. 1-2 B.C. 55-A.D. 449

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Cadell and Davies, 1814 - Great Britain

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Page 212 - The friars of the order of the Holy Trinity for the Redemption of Captives...
Page 84 - A king of England cannot at his pleasure make any alterations in the laws of the land, for the nature of his government is not only regal, but political.
Page 140 - AD 1405., and there kept a clofe prifoner till June 10., AD 1407., when he was removed to the caftle of Nottingham, from whence he was brought back to the Tower, March i., AD 1414., and there confined till Auguft 3. in the fame year, when he was conveyed to the caftle of Windfor, where he was detained till the fummer.
Page 4 - Chrift, which were as really and truly " in their proper fubftance and nature in the facra" mem, as they were in the womb of the Virgin " Mary, as they hung upon the crofs, as they lay ** in the grave, and as they now refided in heaven ;" he ftood aghaft, and, after fome hefitation, declared, ** That, whatever might be the confequence, he ** could neither underftand nor believe that doc** trine.
Page 282 - Smithfie.ld, 120 yards and 10 feet long, 30 yards and 10 feet broad, with fair and costly galleries all around for the accommodation of the king and queen, attended by the lords and ladies of the court, and a prodigious number of lords, knights, and ladies, of England, France, Scotland, and other countries, in their richest dresses.
Page 313 - These glutton-masses were celebrated five times a year, in honour of the Virgin Mary, in this manner : Early in the morning, the people of the parish assembled in the church, loaded with ample stores of meats and drinks of all kinds. As soon as mass ended, the feast began, in which the clergy and laity engaged with equal ardour.
Page 291 - Then, turning her eyes towards the two earls, she said, I know that you English are determined to put me to death, and imagine that after I am dead, you will conquer France. But though there were an 100,000 G — Dam'mees more in France than there are, they will never conquer that kingdom.
Page 231 - We may reckon among us moderns, James, king of Scotland, who not only composed many sacred pieces of vocal music ; but also of himself invented a new kind of music, plaintive and melancholy, different from all other, in which he hath been imitated by Carlo Gesualdo, Prince of Venosa, who, in our age, hath improved music with new and admirable inventions.
Page 113 - ... to take them to a well, to put one into the one bucket, and the other into the other bucket, and let them down alternately into the water, and to continue that exercife till each of them had made a couplet of verles on his bucket.
Page 115 - None but great kings, princes, and prelates, universities and monasteries, could have libraries ; and the libraries of the greatest kings were not equal to those of many private gentlemen or country clergymen in the present age.

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