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What Hatha Yoga exercises will do for you:

A. Decalcify and loosen your joints.

B. Stretch your tendons.

C. Stretch your ligaments.

D. Mobilize and decalcify your spine.

E. In many cases straighten your spine and improve vertebral disorders.

(In severe cases of vertebral disorders, Yoga serves as an excellent supplement to

chiropractic or osteopathic therapy.)

F. Correct your posture.

G. Stimulate your nervous systems.

H. Stimulate your glands and put them into a state of normal equilibrium.

I. Increase your breathing capacity by 25 to 300%.

J. Increase your oxygen intake.

K. Improve digestion.

L. Eliminate or improve many feminine disorders.

M. Greatly improve your stamina, endurance and metabolic output.

N. Release tensions and hypertension.

O. Tache you the skill of auto-relaxation.

P. Improve your skin, your hair and your eating habits.

Q. Help you stop smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, and help you to get off


R. Improve your circulation.

S. Strengthen yor whole body to the state of professional fitness.

T. Improve your bust line.

U. Trim up your thighs and your hipline.

U. Trim up your thighs and your hip line.

V. Is an ideal basis for natural childbirth.

W. Yoga diets help you reduce weight, without starvation.

X. Yoga nutrition plans make you healthy and able to resist many common diseases.

Y. Helps you to over come weakness and deficiency.

Z. Gives you beauty, health, relaxation, stamina and self-assurance.




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From Greg Henry Waters This book was the first and only book I used for 7 years studying with Alfred. It is so complete that one can never go through the entire book. I must say that the physical exercises about this book are not for everybody just for the few. However the food and breathing exercises are for everybody and will do everybody a world of good for both your health and mental abilities. When I took seven years of classes with Fred at his Yoga Forum I remember that the second hour of class was breathing and meditation work. However over half the class left and only did the hour Hatha program. For me this was a big mistake for breathing and the meditation are the most important part of the work. So if you have a friend to share this activity and set up weekly appointments for two or three days of two hour sessions per week. I believe it would do you the greatest good. For to work alone at this is too difficult unless you have a natural ability for this. And doing so much of the physical exercises is not really true yoga. Please write me at or for any help or opinions.  


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Common terms and phrases

About the author

Yogi Narayana was born Alfred Schmielewski in Eastern Prussia, Germany in 1928. In
the 1970's, he was given the name Narayana for a pen name by his German publishers.
During his childhood, he was educated by private tutors in Berlin. In 1935, at the age of
seven, he became a disciple of a Himalayan sage by whom he was introduced into the
ancient and venerable culture of Yoga. Narayana attended the Berlin Master College of
Industrial Art and Design and the Academy of Art in Berlin. He became a noted painter.
During the 1.950's, some of his work was acquired by the German National Gallery.
( Stats Museum des Zwanzigsten Jahrhunderts.)
During the 1950's, he received a number of occult treatments from the famous Doctor
Stoermer, a renowned sensitive and Savant. He was a practitioner of unusual medical
systems, related to psychosomatic Alchemy.
The Doctor had attained certain paranormal and supernatural powers during his studies
in the East. These referred to Tumo Yoga and the control of Prana, Apana, Udana and
the Kundalini Shakti.
These exotic treatments resulted in permanent changes in the functions of the author's
Chakras and in the capacity and functions of his endocrine and his nervous systems. The
process finally culminated in the arousal of Kundalini Shakti. By the age of 30,
Narayana had become a Yogi and an Initiate of ancient mental cultures.
In 1956, Narayana married Bianca Rogge, a renowned Latvian master and Guru of the
modern interpretive dance. She was a master pupil of the famed MaryAcademy of the Dance. The author and his wife lived in Toronto Canada since the early
1.960's and conducted here a school of the classic Yoga sciences. His wife conducted. a
renowned school of the Modern Interpretive dance.
Since the 1960's, Narayana conducts a little known Academy for advanced esoteric
studies. This exclusive private school is to the best of his knowledge North America's
only bona fide school of initiation. The author in fact has been unable to locate any such
school anywhere in North America. He does not regard Masonic ritual in terms of
initiation. As it is the case with all traditional schools of initiation, the establishment was
always closed to the public and it, was never publicized. Members are appointed and
only admitted after absolving proper examinations and going through a probationary
period. The School expounds until this day the perennial philosophy by means of the
Socratic Dialogue. Oral transmissions of sacred knowledge are frequently handed on to
qualified students and the tuition is for free.
In the early 1970's, Narayana's Western Book of the Dead was published by Richard
'Chikovski in West Berlin. He has also published a Hatha Yoga Text book in Canada,
and various internal publications of text books for the exclusive use of the members of
his Academy. He also wrote scholarly articles )n issues of world finance and world
politics that were published in the exclusive newsletters of very major Wall Street
Today, Narayana is one of the most renowned and most sought after Sensitive of our
time. He is a corporate political and paranormal advisor to a worldwide Clientele. His
work in ESP was rated and endorsed by science. His paranormal performances are
guaranteed. They count among-st the best of our time. Being a professional ESP.
consultant, he performs paranormal powers on demand. He does this every day of the
year at his corporate offices on a fair professional fee basis.
His paranormal faculties count among st the most reliable of our time. They have
nothing in common with seances, mediums and Gurus in California, Lily dale or at
Virginia Beach. Very occasionally, Narayana demonstrates other Siddhis than prophesy.
He has limited abilities to change or create reality.
Narayana also commands a few of the great Siddhis, which are supernatural powers of
some magnitude.
These are described in the Yoga Aphorism's of the sage Patanjali, the Goroknath
Samhita, the Gherand Samhita and other Yoga related scriptures. Such skills have never
been demonstrated in public, for they are expressions of venerable spiritual cultures. The
Yogi Narayana is a Yogi of the Dharma Megha or in Islamic terms, a Yogi of the sacred
cloud, the Barzakh.

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