The Holy Bible of Inclusion [Second Edition]

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Spirit and Truth Sanctuary, Sep 1, 2021 - Religion
If you are like me you have struggled to accept the modern Christian church’s portrayal (or betrayal) of God, depiction of the devil and description of hell. Many god-fearing people and good-hearted preachers alike have long harbored unspoken thoughts of a more loving, merciful and masterful Creator. However, just about as many who subscribe to this grander vision and version of God also admittedly and even ashamedly lack the ability to reference the Bible and specific passages of scripture in order to publicly validate these privately held higher concepts of God... THE HOLY BIBLE OF INCLUSION will scripturally, extensively and even exhaustively confront theological myths, misrepresentations and mistranslations of the Bible and its Origins – Universal Salvation – the devil – the Purpose of hell and the Fire of God – Sexual Orientation and many others. Join me on this worthwhile and rewarding spiritual journey as we research, rethink, recover and then re-present the awesome and awe-inspiring God of the universe.


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After The Fire
Sexual Orientation 36 Introduction 37 Challenges And Charges 38 Becoming an Informed Inclusive Community 39 Sloppy Grace? 40 The Sin Of S...
Corinthians 6
JESUS and THE CHRIST 52 No Man Comes To The Father Except Through Me 53 No Other NameBut The Name Of Jesus 54 Thou Art The Christ ...
Cant Be JesusBut I Can Become The Christ
Growing An Inclusive Church 61 Pace and Space 62 Terms And Liturgies
Strategy For Engaging In Biblical Discussion
The Progression Of Truth
Fully Awake

The Minority Of Truth And Kingian Theology
End Times
The Like As Principle
Danger In Literalism The Antichrist
Setting Dates
The Gospel Of The Kingdom
Jesus Already Returned At Pentecost
Prayer of Surrender
Say It See It Survey It Shift
Healthy Religion
A Righteous Fast
Generational Curses or Blessings?
Dont Know the way of Knowing

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About the author (2021)

D.E. Paulk is the senior pastor of Spirit and Truth Sanctuary in Atlanta, GA, where he successfully transitioned a traditional Pentecostal Christian church into a thriving, diverse, interfaith, LGBTQ+ affirming congregation.

D.E. is widely known as radically inclusive, believes the Christ Spirit has always been present in all of creation, and cannot be defined by, nor confined to, Christianity.

“D.E.'s preaching is as easy-going as the church's approach to differences. No wagging fingers or thunderous revelations. He treats parishioners as fellow companions on a spiritual journey. He sprinkles his conversational sermons with references to everyone from the Buddha to Teddy Pendergrass.” (John Blake , CNN Enterprise writer/producer)

“Descended from generations of Southern preachers, Donnie Earl is now a preacher himself, though a different breed” (Katherine Marsh, Rolling Stone Magazine, from the article Son of a Preacher Man).

“Donnie Earl is progressive, young, hip” (Mara Shalhoup, Creative Loafing, from the article The Young Shepherd).

In 2008, D.E. was inducted into the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. International Board of Preachers at Morehouse College. In 2010, he served as a board member of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (S.C.L.C., the historic Civil Rights organization founded by Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr.), and has also served as a Dekalb County Police Chaplain.

D.E. not only serves as the senior pastor of Spirit and Truth Sanctuary, he is also the founder of the Pro-Love organization, which is an inclusive initiative purposed to bring people of all faiths, sexual identities and cultural backgrounds together. Pro-Love marches have united Christian, Muslim, Jew, Black, White, Gay, Straight and Atheist on common ground for common cause. D. E. believes this is a continuation of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream and a model of the “Beloved Community.”

D.E. holds a Bachelor of Theology and Biblical Studies degree, is currently working on a Master of Theological Studies degree at Emory University, Candler School of Theology, and has been awarded an honorary Doctorate degree from Cornerstone University in Lake Charles, LA for his in-depth theological research and writings.

D.E. has authored eight books, including The Holy Bible of Inclusion; I Don’t Know…The Way of Knowing; and the newly released Fully Awake.

D. E.’s family founded Spirit and Truth Sanctuary (formerly Chapel Hill Harvester Church) in 1960. For over 60 years, Spirit and Truth has been a ministry of “Whosoever Will” and has become increasingly more inclusive and pluralistic throughout its existence.

D.E. makes his home in suburban Atlanta with his wife Brandi, and their two children, Esther and Micah.

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