Sing on Smule: Sing 10 Duets with 10 NEW International Singers Every Hour

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You may click SING or GAAYEN :-

1.       To sing SOLO song

2.       To initiate a Collab (Collaboration song or Duet). You sing one part. Collab would remain open for 168 hours. Any one or more users may sing secong part and complete the song. If four users join or sing second part, you have four duets with different partners.

You may make your own modules. All collabs made from your module and their joiners would be listed under your downline. Later in this book I shall tell you how to make Module. For that you require :-

1.       Audio karaoke

2.       Audio file recorded with same karaoke.

In case you have Video Karaoke, you may extract both out of that.



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