discordant thots of a disabled mind, vol.ii

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PonderHouse, Jan 31, 2016 - Social Science - 30 pages
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dear reader,

this is more of my mind.. still on disability. 
i always keep a notepad handy, as external brain dump. 
if i don't write it down it'll roll around, endlessly. or i forget it, immediately. 
this collection is comprised of thots which i did(n't) share elsewhere, and perhaps should(n't) have. 
there is no context. there is no clarification. there only is what there is. 
often, it is all in how you choose to interpret what's written. 
volume ii originated within 2014–2015.


be well.
~ silent.ponderhouse.com

ps. wrote in American English, all intent lost in translation.

– minimalism is all the rage.. especially among poor folk. 
– greed requires little to no imagination, unless you intend to build an empire upon it. 
– wherever you end up drawing the line is usually where the discrimination suit begins. 
– when it'll go wrong only once in a million, you can guess at my odds of ‘getting lucky.’ 
– there's usually the right answer, the wrong answer, the safe answer, and the don't answer. 
– if anything, the internet has made it far easier to actively ignore far more people, with far less effort. 
– war is always profitable for the weapons-makers. same can be said for the lawyers at trial. 
– if you come to feel like your life ain't fair, stop, and think of the poor polar bear. 
– instant gratification is to the detriment of deeper understanding. 
– subtlety too often goes underappreciated.

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