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Milad F., Jan 1, 2019 - Fiction - 62 pages

Who will rescue the Earth?

Who is not indifferent to it`s destiny?

Eternal struggle of Good and Evil. Rescuing the Earth and the mankind. These questions worry the minds and hearts of many people. But what is Good and Evil? Everything in this world is accepted comparatively: there`s nothing worse or better, and the division into “Pro” and “Con” didn`t happen at once.

The ancient spirit – M.Z., the Black Tiger had to go out of the shadow in order to enter into an open battle for the preservation of the Earth and the rescue of the mankind, as particularly the people will become the “tool” in his hand, which will help to escape the inevitable end of the Universe.Without their help the Black (Tiger) will not do...

The Tiger considered his mission the maintenance of the Earth and the struggle with the forces striving to violate the harmony of the established equilibrium.

Within thousands of years the struggle continued with the varying success until one day came the understanding that the Earth inevitably approaches the collapse, and something terrible will occur that will destroy it.

Time after time, exercising in his dream the nightmare of the Earth`s destruction, the Tiger understands that indeed it`s the end, but can not agree with it. Having overcome the inner fight, the Immortal Spirit divided: this is how appeared the White Tiger with the black stripes and the Black Tiger with the white ones - M.Z.

The White Tiger had no doubts that the people are responsible for all the troubles and particularly they will be the reason of the Earth `s downfall.

In order to prevent the inevitable one has to destroy the less evil – the mankind.

However, the Black Tiger had the opposite meaning on this point, he didn`t want the death of the people and truly believed that with their help he`ll be able to rescue this Universe. After the battles and arguments, which were going on during centuries M.Z. was able to persuade the White Tiger that everything is not so unambiguous and people are not guilty, one has to find another reason. Tired of the struggle the White Tiger agreed to leave “the battle field”, promised to return back and finish the struggle when the Black Tiger will understand that the fight for the people is useless. The Supreme Custodian and the Head Custodian of the Earth, the Dragon, permitted M.Z. to take the

human image, in order to go to the people and find out the reason of the forthcoming disaster and also to find the supporters, to become the single team for the sake of rescuing the Earth. Only together one can solve the problem – the Black Tiger was certain of it. The team was gathered, but for the preparation and realization into life the created plan they needed the time, the intensive trainings, the fulfilling of the not simple, not known to the people tasks. M.Z. adherents become very close, turning into one single unit in thoughts and actions. Not knowing each other and living their own lives, every member of the team is crazy about one and the same idea. No one of the rescue team knows M.Z. in face: the only thing they know are the bright eyes under the magic helmet. Is he a human being indeed? No one of the people knows it.

Notwithstanding the resistance of the high and mighty of this Universe, and that the White Tiger «washed one`s hands of it” and decided not to rescue the Earth, the Black Tiger didn`t step away of his decision – to rescue the most dear thing to him – the Earth. How much will cost the rescue operation to him? Whom or what one will have to sacrifice? Will M.Z. break his life principles for the sake of preservation of the Universe?



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