Born in Mailsi: Autobiography

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Born 30 October 1944 at 10:10 AM IST, I was under three when I was carried from Pakistan to India.

That is not the age when I could measure and record dimensions of our house. As I grew older, I was told our house in Pakistan was a fort aboding some hundred residents. The walls were perhaps 10 feet wide. People used to sleep on cots at wall top. If I stretch my memory, I find myself shouting in wall shadow – Zindabad Zindabad – with my mother busy with her charkha around; my sister and some more ladies on two cots. While I got admission in Birbhan Primary School Bhiwani, I was too young to think of Hindustan-Pakistan. I had no idea how my father died of Gastroenteritis in Kurukshtra Camp during migration. My mother, sister, brother, and I lived with my mama – maternal uncle – till we were allotted house and agricultural land in Fatehabad. As I grew older, I listened to the storys of our family life in Pakistan. Most people talking to me claimed to have been my father’s helper of Gumashta.

I developed telepathy around year 1975-76 when I could view remote things in my town, my country, and abroad. I could peep into my past lives and foresee my next life too as IG of Jammu & Kasmir Police. But my birth place in Mailsi remained a mystery. During year 2008 I became famous on Youtube with too many fans in Pakistan. A Mailsi farishta in Sweden Abbas Mian ( contacted me and narrated to me geography of Mailsi. He sent me photographs of remains of our Mailsi house – a treasure for my family.



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Dr K Chaudhry began writing books as First Author of Jaypee Brothers during Year 1968. As a Freelance writer, wrote books in diverse fields - Medicine, Science, Astrology, Computer, Technology. Translated Bollywood and Pakistan Movie songs into English. Fans in All Countries including Celebrity fans Abhishek Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, Omar Ali Khan

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