Build 100 Worlds: 100 Fantasy Fiction Writing Ideas, Inspirations and Story Starters

Front Cover, Inc., Mar 4, 2015 - Fiction - 87 pages

Are you seeking fantasy writing ideas? Perhaps you’re already a successful fantasy writer or maybe you’re at the initial aspiration stage.

Fantasy fiction is enjoying an immense and growing popularity. The blockbusters and bestsellers just keep coming to feed an audience hungry for more and more.

And within you there are fantasy worlds waiting to happen!

This title taps into the creative force within and goes far beyond quick general fantasy fiction writing prompts. It offers rich and fun longer descriptions of fantasy writing scenarios, inspirations and story starters.

Enjoy reading through possible medieval writing ideas, urban and dystopian fantasy scenarios, sci-fi writing suggestions, alternate history possibilities, fantasy governments and social systems, enchanted realms that have never existed before, as well as “almost” earth-like societies with magic that lies just beneath the radar.

Embedded within the 100 entries, you will also find possible fantasy book title name ideas, fantasy character names, fantasy creatures, and more. You might take any individual entry and run with it, or mix and match elements from several entries.

Fantasy fiction has a way of reminding us of universal truths as it bypasses the critical left brain hemisphere and takes us on a journey of wonderment, suspense and new possibilities.

Here’s to your enjoyment and success as a fantasy fiction writer, and to the birth of brand new fantasy fiction worlds!


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A professional writer for most of her adult life, K.B. Adams was educated in journalism, creative writing and film. She has also taught fiction writing to various groups, including to those with award-winning royalty-published authors and established journalists. 

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