Python Asyncio Mastery: Discover Modern Asynchronous Programming In Python With Asyncio

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Asynchronous programming is built into Python.

The language directly supports coroutines as first-class objects with the async and await expressions for asynchronous programming. The asyncio module provides tools for creating and managing asynchronous task and for developing non-blocking I/O client and server programs.

Asyncio is not coming, it's here.

Skills in asyncio are in demand and the demand is growing.

Asynchronous programming and asyncio are how we develop modern scalable event-driven programs in Python. This paradigm dominates modern Python web development, API development, and network programming, and there are few Python programs that do not touch on these areas.

Developing concurrent programs using coroutines and the asyncio module API can be very challenging, especially for Python developers who are new to asynchronous programming.

Introducing: "Python Asyncio Mastery". A new book designed to teach you asyncio in Python, super fast!

You will get fast-paced tutorials showing you how to develop asyncio programs on advanced topics.


* How to define, schedule, execute, check the status, and get results from asynchronous tasks.

* How to manage groups of asynchronous tasks, including waiting for tasks, getting results, grouping tasks and using timeouts.

* How to use more advanced features of tasks such as shielding, sleeping, waiting for, and executing blocking tasks.

* How to define, create, and use asynchronous iterators, generators, context managers, and queues.

* How to safely synchronize and coordinate the behavior of coroutines with mutex locks, semaphores, barriers, and more.

* How to run commands and perform non-blocking inter-process communication with subprocesses.

* How to develop clients and servers with socket programming and perform non-blocking reads and writes.

Each tutorial is carefully designed to teach one critical aspect of how to use asyncio in your Python programs.

Learn Python asyncio correctly, step-by-step.


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Jason Brownlee, Ph.D. helps Python developers bring modern concurrency methods to their projects with hands-on tutorials. Learn more at

Jason is a software engineer and research scientist with a background in artificial intelligence and high-performance computing. He has authored more than 20 technical books on machine learning and has built, operated, and exited online businesses.

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