Princess Journalles I: Othello & The Advent of Humanitas Technical

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Foundation Medicine, Feb 27, 2021 - Literary Criticism - 200 pages
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“To set an example... stranded in the parlors of York, I set about to live an extraordinary life. Extraordinary things happen when you live to stature an extraordinary example." - As told by Felicity IX, commonly known as, Sunflower Pierrez.

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About the author (2021)

“Leadership is capacity based, galvanize your success with quality innovation. I have a list of inventors as role models. I was my regalia… NASA overall Indigo mantle, oh, ye noble and true patrons of the arts, steadfast shall I cling to the tech knights of the table. If I have found 10,00 ways that work, then, Edison never did fail. For in his secret language among men, he found Ford and took to the world by Tesla$, [genius] Incandescent Light Bulb.”

- Katheline M. Pierre III.,

Medical Doctor • Physical Scientist •Entrepreneur• Forbes 30 under 30• Fortune 500• Inc 100• Google Smart Compose, Cardboard Creator •NAACP History Maker • Patent Pending • Nobel Peace Prize Laureate • Power Woman in Business 2017 Emmy Nominated Academy Member Felicity Dawson (IX) Tech Times: 50 Years of Women Innovators "Woman of Distinction"

Author Biography

My name is Katheline M. Pierre, III., & I have set about to live an extraordinary life. Before I begin, I would like to honor a few people who have made me the honorable woman, of expertise, I am today. First, my cad, Dr. Kecia and mentor Dr. Morgan. Dr. Kecia taught me how to build and grow with excellence. It was with her instructions that I became the leader, I am today. Thank you, National Society of Black Engineers. Dr. Morgan taught me everything roundabout biomedical engineering science to the point of honorable mention in the Science Olympiad of 2010. Thank you, Brooklyn Technical teachers, advisors, humanitarians, engineers, and scientists. For my love of mathematics, my fondest appreciations, Ms. Hoftyzer, Ms. Grossman, & the entire Gateway to Biomedical Engineering Sciences Academia.

To Josephine Freeman, “hold fast to dreams, I’ve known rivers, hold fast to fond & deep like rivers.” – abridged Langston Hughes. To my treasured friends: every writer, director, producer, actor, and actress, at both the Television Academy and Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, I thank you. They raised me; I'd often say to Judy Bloom. Movies connect us and their words are inexhaustible. We share laughs, tears, movies, film, gossip, & fiction, together, for where no allusion could be made. Where’s my notebook? I must write a movie, again and again, and again, “I treasure our friendship and every noble step, together, to infinity and beyond.”


To my dearest friends: Trisha, Monique, Starnel, Taff, Yolexia, Kanika, Taquasha, Courtney, Final Four Ladies & Men, The Cruz family, The Mora family, The Lopez family, The Vasquez family, The Shah family, The Chandrakumars', New York Performing Arts Academy, my hometown’s body of Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Greco-Roman Catholics, Xen Sams, Ensemble Artists, Kurlii, Kappa Alpha Psi, Alpha Kappa Alpha, The Bryan's & Francis, Shamar, Malik, Barbs, Gotham, and everyone who has been a part of my process since I went out running with brown paper like, bulk change, about a foot high. “We are light, our voices are treasured beyond measure”- abridged Marianne Williamson. The entire classroom of friendships made at Brooklyn Technical. Teddy, and the finest regent of doctors, you guys are in every page of adventure because you guys believed in me when no one else could. For your wise words and endless nights of debates on scientifically sound knowledge, I will forever be grateful. & to my parents, thank you for finding me and caring for me, no matter the hatter or galore. Success is my only option. The walls have meaning, no more wondering, no more waiting, and the strawberry fields -- aristocratic when you make a band out of peaches and “Perez Pepper Sauce”.

An author's biography is often written by a biographer, but an author's biography is never truly written without honor for those whom the author cares, to the character. Yoi!

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