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Griffyn Ink, Feb 5, 2019 - Fiction

“If you like your books to have substance and a bit of a mind twist, this is where you'll get it.”

When Dr. Priya Sengupta is called to the beach to help return a stranded pod of bottlenose dolphins into the Pacific, she can see that something has gone very wrong. What she doesn’t realize is just how wrong… It’s not just the dolphins. It’s bees on the side of the highways. And her friend—also a biodiversity specialist—is seeing some strange happenings with local frogs…on the other side of the country. A call from her grad school frenemy, Alex, is enough to open a larger investigation.

But can two newly minted grads save anything when the Earth itself is the heart of the problem? The last time a global change of this magnitude happened, the dominant species was wiped out. Can Priya and Alex keep humanity from going to way of the dinosaurs? Or is the shift unstoppable? Dissonance is a companion novella to the thriller Resonance.


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