ShadowKiss: A Spicy Surprise Pregnancy Witchcraft Romance

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Griffyn Ink, Jun 19, 2018 - Fiction

The spell told her she’d find her perfect man in Chicago. But Sloan lives in LA…

Sloan Ellis has just watched her little sister get married to the perfect guy and, yeah, she was more than a little jealous. She knew magic was off-limits in these situations, but she cast the search spell anyway. As the picture began to form on the water, she watched with abject fascination. There he was! Then the surface rippled and marred the image. She’d never even seen his face. But two spells later, she knew where her own perfect match was.

Unfortunately, her Chicago trip may have been the worst night of her life. If only she could remember it. She’d woken up with her co-worker Max and the hangover to end all hangovers. There was just one thing that could make it even worse: a positive pregnancy test.

Max is determined to help Sloan through the pregnancy and be the best father he can be—even though she’s fighting him every step of the way. The big question is: should he tell her he comes from a long line of witches?

ShadowKiss is an epic, surprise pregnancy love story from Maggie Award winning author Savannah Kade. Fools Rush In meets Charmed in this steamy romance for fans of Nora Roberts and Shannon Stacey. Grab a glass of wine or coffee and be prepared to fall head over heels for this fifth book in the Touch of Magic series.


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