All is Well: The Art {and Science} of Personal Well-Being

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Creators Publishing, Apr 24, 2017 - Health & Fitness

 When journalist Marilynn Preston started her fitness column in Chicago in 1976, most people thought yoga and yogurt were interchangeable terms. Everything changes. We live in a healthy lifestyle world now, and in Marilynn’s new book, All is Well: The Art {and Science} of Personal Well-Being, she offers readers a timely and provocative guide to living your best life—healthy and happy, juicy and engaged, alert to corporate predators and health hucksters of every stripe.

The chapters are short and savvy, lively and opinionated:

* Link Mind and Body. * Explore Endlessly. * Tweet Mindfully. * Make Your Getaway. * Practice De-Aging. * Grow Your Gray Matter. * Be Your Own Uncle Sam. *

From eating clean to going green, from losing weight to adding muscle, from living longer to dying more easily, Marilynn links body and mind to culture and politics. She has great empathy for readers who have tried and failed to realize their personal vision of well-being, but she knows you can always begin, again, and be successful. Sometimes you have to redefine success. And that’s good, too.

In her long-running weekly syndicated column Energy Express, and now in her third book, All is Well, Marilynn offers readers a welcoming evidence-based path to more joy, greater health, and sustained happiness—three essentials of a healthy lifestyle.

Three more, she writes, are crispy fries, good wine, and love, love, love.


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What a terrifically written inside view of all the ways you can live a more conscious, healthy and beautiful life. Now that our world is being run by amateurs, Preston's writing, based on forty years of experience, seems all the more valuable and timely. She is the best kind of know-it-all, from physical fitness, to mental sharpness, to smart eating, to the heart of meditation. She has a terrific sense of humor, which makes delicate subjects like your doctor's total ignorance of diet and exercise, and how to have an end-of-life conversation clear and compelling. Her wisdom and range of subjects is vast: I may never take up race walking myself, but now I'll know it when I see it coming towards me. And I'm pretty sure I've eaten my last non-organic apple. Thanks, Marilynn. 


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About the author (2017)

 Marilynn Preston—journalist, healthy lifestyle expert, Emmy-winning TV producer—is the author of Energy Express, America’s longest-running syndicated fitness column.

Marilynn is an ACE-certified fitness trainer and certified Wellcoach, and she has written two other books, Dear Dr. Jock: The People's Guide to Sports and Fitness and Work Well, Be Well. She created, co-wrote and exec produced the Emmy winning, nationally syndicated Energy Express TV series about sports, fitness, and adventure for kids and families.

Marilynn is also the founding chair of a life-changing nonprofit called Girls in the Game, It helps girls get the healthy lifestyle training they need to become strong, confident women. Please check out and be inspired.

When Marilynn isn't writing about healthy lifestyle, she is doing her best to live it. Her practice includes yoga, race walking, kayaking, wine tasting and as much adventure travel as she can fit in. She's circumambulated Mt. Kailash in Tibet, climbed Mt. Olympus in Greece, bicycled in France, golfed in Bhutan, and scuba dived in the YMCA pool in Chicago. Her next big adventure is getting people to read All is Well to create their healthiest, happiest lives.


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