The Life & Character of the Seal of Prophets - Volume III

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Islam International Publications Ltd, Jul 1, 2017 - Religion - 242 pages

This magnicent work not only highlights the various aspects of the life and character of the Holy Prophet (sa) founded on the Holy Qur’ān, Sunnat [Practice of the Holy Prophet(sa)] and the Aḥādīth [Sayings of the Holy Prophet(sa)] with references particularly from the six authentic books of Aḥādīth and history; rather, it presents the prominent events and episodes in the history of Islām with solid historical testimonies. Some prejudiced orientalists and historians have misrepresented various incidents from the history of Islām in an attempt to tarnish the character of the Holy Prophet(sa). Ḥazrat Mirzā Bashīr Aḥmad (ra) has refuted those allegations with convincing argumentation in this book.

Moreover, in addition to a formidable rebuttal of the objections of orientalists, the current volume covers a detailed review of scholarly discussions such as equality in Islām, the acceptance of prayer, the treaty of Ḥudaibiyyah and the Holy Prophet’s letters to the leaders of various kingdoms and empires.


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About the author (2017)

Hazrat Mirza Bashir Ahmad (1893-1963) was born to the Promised Messiah(as), founder of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. He was a great religious scholar, a prolific writer, and his books, articles, and speeches are easily comprehensible to an average reader. Apart from his books, he contributed many articles, the number of which runs into hundreds, to the community dailies and periodicals, especially Al-Fazl.

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