Halo Moon

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Jared Delaney Series - Book 4 - Halo Moon by Award-Winning Author Jim Jones

As Jared Delaney rides home from a cattle drive to Colorado, he is haunted by a nightmare of menace and impending change, signified by the moon encircled by a hazy band of light . . . a halo moon. When he arrives in Cimarrón, he is shocked to discover that his friend and mentor, Sheriff Nathan Averill, has been murdered. Against his wife’s wishes, he agrees to seek vigilante justice to avenge Nathan’s death. Estranged from his family and friends, Jared travels the perilous trail to vengeance, unaware that a truly evil man is stalking him and his family at the same time. Refusing to accept the counsel of those close to him, he finds moral guidance from an unlikely source—a young man with a checkered past on the run from the law. Will the end justify the means? How many people will die along the way?


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Jim Jones is the author of five novels set in northern New Mexico in the late 1800s: The Lights of Cimarron, The Big Empty, and the Jared Delaney series, including Rustler’s Moon, Colorado Moon and Waning Moon. His songs and books are about the West … cowboys, horses and cattle, cattle rustlers, the coming of the train … songs about people and land, rivers and mountains, the beauty of the Western sky. Jim has produced 10 Western/Folk albums and three award-winning children’s character education videos. He was the Western Music Association’s 2014 Male Performer of the Year and winner of the International Western Music Association 2019 Song of the Year, Academy of Western Artists 2016 Western Song of the Year and Western Writers of America2013, 2017 and 2021 Spur Awards for Best Western Song. He is part of the trio, The Cowboy Way, which has received the International Western Music Association’s Group of the Year Award in 2017, 2018 and 2019. Their second album, “Go West,” received the IWMA’s 2019 Traditional Western Album of the Year. Jim lives in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.

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