Really???: Stories From Yesterday's Headlines

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Inland Expressions, Dec 31, 2014 - History - 128 pages
Since their inception, newspapers have always been a good source of useful information.  Among the countless stories to appear in newsprint over the years, however, there are some that seem to stand out from the rest.  Ranging from comical to tragic, the accounts contained in this book have been selected to provide the reader with a thought provoking experience.
Examples of the tales in this book include the husband forced by his wife to sleep in the barn with the cows after refusing to bathe and the highly praised pastor that left his wife and children to elope with the church organist.  Other accounts involve the almost unbelievable disregard towards the dangers posed by the deadly combination of explosives and ignorance.  Read about the antics of a stray cat that had a Texas city in uproar and the hunter that found it impossible to decide which end of a stuck rifle he should be pulling on.  These and many more examples of humorous, interesting, but sometimes tragic accounts that have appeared in newsprint over the years can be found in the pages of this book.

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