English Grammar For Uygur Students and Teachers (Uyghur, Uighur, uigur): ئۆزلىكىدىن ئۆگەنگۈچىلەر ۋە تىل ئوقۇتقۇچىلىرى ئۈچۈن ئىنگلىز تىلى ئىنگلىزتىلى گرامماتىكىسى

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WWW.UYGUR.BIZ - 370 pages
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This book is designed to be used as a text book in English Grammar Courses and as a reference book for the students who are learning English by themselves. Teachers can choose the chapters according to different levels of the students, it is not required to read the book from the beginning to the end. You can choose any part of the book to start reading according to your current need.


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