Missing Mars

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Crowbarland Books, Aug 1, 2020 - Fiction

In the year 2024, four astronauts depart on a one way journey to Mars. Due to various malfunctions, the crew miss the planet entirely, doomed to continue onward into the void of space until their limited resources expire. Instead of meeting that fate, they were surprised to find themselves on a mysterious alien planet where they are the subject of the local religion. Now they must make friends with the locals, fight the evil dictatorship, and sneak in and out of military bases in order to find each other again and figure out a way home.

Doctor Tray Finsglad stumbles on a conspiracy targeting the first Martian colonists. Now he has to find a way to save the doomed crew, a task that spans generations. This journey leads a space crew to find a primitive alien race and, inadvertently, alter the course of their development forever.

This stand alone book takes place in the Crowbarland Chronicles universe.


Selected pages


Chapter One Missed it by That Much
Chapter Four Might As Well Be Fort Knox
Chapter Seven Why Am I Running For My Life When I Know
Chapter Ten Costume Party at Jonuts Place
Chapter Thirteen The Mad Dash for the Exit
Chapter Sixteen Alien Hunter
Chapter Nineteen The Rabbit Hole
Chapter TwentyTwo Ask and Ye Shall Receive
Chapter TwentySeven Reunited and It Feels So Good
Chapter Thirty Meeting the New Boss
Chapter ThirtyThree The Great Escape
Chapter ThirtySeven Actually Doing All That
Chapter Forty The Serum
Chapter FortyThree Detained
Chapter FortySix The Apartment
Chapter FortyNine The Author

Chapter TwentyFour The Suicide Mission
Chapter FiftyTwo The Landing Party

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About the author (2020)

Cassandra Morphy is a Business Data Analyst, working with numbers by day, but words by night. She grew up escaping the world, into the other realities of books, TV shows, and movies, and now she writes about those same worlds. Her only hope in life is to reach one person with her work, the way so many others had reached her. As a TV addict and avid movie goer, her entire life is just one big research project, focused on generating innovative ideas for worlds that don’t exist anywhere other than in her sick, twisted mind.

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