The Low End Kid: A Sci-fi Story

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Weather Pacific Books, Dec 14, 2020 - Fiction - 390 pages

By the end of the 21st century, humanity has finally achieved peace and enlightenment after a long devastating war. But prosperity comes with a price; the cyber-entity called the Collective controls what remains of the world, using mind-altering drugs and the consent of a billion interconnected minds to exert its will. Under this new world order, your value to society decides your worth as a person, influencing how much food you deserve and even where you can live.

Follow the trends and earn social credits. Refuse what it offers, and become a brigand, an outcast condemned to forced labor, or worse -- deletion at the barrel of a bounty hunter's gun.

Nineteen-year-old orphan Max Zander, a Lo-ender, lives in the old boroughs of New York City, getting by on his wits and the willingness to do whatever it takes to score points. Working as a hunter snatching those who defy the Collective, he thinks he's got everything figured out, that is until he encounters Zoe Chacon, a brigand with ties to the parents he never knew. As he develops a relationship with the old terrorist, he is branded a brigand, forcing him to choose between his own interest and the life of his friend.

Max never wanted to be a hero, but now he must become one to protect them both from a revolution heading their way.

Inspired by the pivotal works of Philip K. Dick (Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep) and William Gibson (Neuromancer), The Low End Kid defies expectations with its subtle use of characters, offering genre fans a fresh perspective on traditional themes. 


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About the author (2020)

ROBERT KRONE is a retired public servant, freelance writer, photographer, artist, and now — novelist.

Robert writes mostly science fiction because of his lifelong love of the genre, which began with his first viewing of The Empire Strikes Back when he was a kid. He has been a repo man, a fish seller, a bounty hunter, and a firefighter.

When not creating new stories, he lives in Nevada with his wife. Together, they spend their free time exploring nature.

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