Mountain Princess

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Crowbarland Books, Feb 1, 2021 - Fiction

Hidden within an impassible mountain range was the small kingdom of Hilland. The crown princess, Her Royal Highness Princess Talia VI, was meant to get married to Prince Bleeker of Lolland. The two neighboring kingdoms had been at odds with each other for centuries. Except that Talia really did love Bleeker, and they were both looking forward to their marriage. But on the day of the wedding, Hilland was attacked, by Lolland. No one who was in attendance at the wedding survived. No one but Talia.

Left alone, surrounded by enemies everywhere, Talia is forced to escape her own home. She finds protection and love among her subjects, though most don't know that it is her. A royal in exile, within her own kingdom, Talia is left to pick up the pieces of her life. To find some semblance of normalcy with the enemy all around her. Knowing that most of the people, her subjects, would want her to reclaim the thrown from Lolland. Knowing that trusting the wrong person would mean her death.


Selected pages


Chapter One History Class
Chapter Three Love Life
Chapter Five The Feast
Chapter Seven Betrayed
Chapter Nine Farmland Village
Chapter Eleven Cornered
Chapter Thirteen Rescue on Horseback
Chapter Fifteen Princess No Morre
Chapter TwentyNine Tracked
Chapter ThirtyOne The Real Rebellion Starts
Chapter ThirtyThree Higher Scrutiny
Chapter ThirtyFive Speeches and Threats
Chapter ThirtySeven Found
Chapter ThirtyNine The Rally
Chapter FortyOne The Ranch
Chapter FortyThree Imprisoned

Chapter Seventeen Simon Says
Chapter Nineteen Diplomacy
Chapter TwentyOne A Village in Mourning
Chapter TwentyThree Caught
Chapter TwentyFive Raid
Chapter TwentySeven The Healing Hands of Family
Chapter FortyFive Darkness
Chapter FortySeven Returning to the Forest
Chapter FortyNine The End is Nigh
Chapter FiftyOne The Death of Death
Epilogue The Sorrowful Return

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About the author (2021)

Cassandra Morphy is a Business Data Analyst, working with numbers by day, but words by night. She grew up escaping the world, into the other realities of books, TV shows, and movies, and now she writes about those same worlds. Her only hope in life is to reach one person with her work, the way so many others had reached her. As a TV addict and avid movie goer, her entire life is just one big research project, focused on generating innovative ideas for worlds that don’t exist anywhere other than in her sick, twisted mind.

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