The Door to Victory

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Crowbarland Books, Jul 1, 2021 - Fiction

Maya San Lucas had been lost in her dreamworld for the better part of five years. Desparia was just a fantasy world for her to explore during stretches of boredom at school and at home. Going to that world let her have adventures, exploring secret locations, and searching through towns and cities for loot to come away with. The life of a thief was so much more exciting than high school, especially with no friends to speak of.

With the emperor coming to Earth, and the group stuck in The Citadel, things weren't looking good for Maya and her friends. Or Earth, for that matter. But there were plenty of people out there that know the secret of their mission. The secrets of their world. And as the group struggles to find their way home, help comes from some rather unexpected places.

Drake was just an ordinary trooper, following the orders sent to him from the emperor. Part of a larger team that was wandering the empire, settling the more wild parts of it. But when he returned as one of only two remaining members of their team, he was given a new assignment. A new, special, assignment. One that changed the lives of many people, setting them all on course towards destruction.


Selected pages


Chapter One Rogers Confession
Chapter Three Troopers in Prison
Chapter Five Friends Incarcerated
Chapter Seven The Emperors Arrival
Chapter Nine The Hospital
Chapter Twelve The Bright Light
Chapter Fourteen The Trail of Shadow
Chapter Seventeen Check Out Time
Chapter TwentySeven The Nights Watch
Chapter Thirty The Unexpected Journey
Chapter ThirtyTwo A Quick but Slow Journey Home
Chapter ThirtyFour Mistrust and Distrust
Chapter ThirtySix The Old Stomping Grounds
Chapter ThirtyEight The Thieves Guild of Vernala
Chapter Forty An Easy Victory
Chapter FortyTwo The Investigation

Chapter Twenty The New Assignment
Chapter TwentyTwo The Shadow of a Trial
Chapter TwentyFive Finding Piedmore
Chapter TwentySix The Cleanup
Chapter FortyFive The Troopers Are Coming
Chapter FortyEight Race to the Finish
Chapter Fifty Troopers Arrival
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Cassandra Morphy is a Business Data Analyst, working with numbers by day, but words by night. She grew up escaping the world, into the other realities of books, TV shows, and movies, and now she writes about those same worlds. Her only hope in life is to reach one person with her work, the way so many others had reached her. As a TV addict and avid movie goer, her entire life is just one big research project, focused on generating innovative ideas for worlds that don’t exist anywhere other than in her sick, twisted mind.