No One Can Hear You Fly

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Crowbarland Books, Nov 1, 2021 - Fiction

Dor and Kenya are finally back together, once and for all. There are no more secrets coming between them. Dor has come to terms with her feelings for Kenya, and Kenya's feelings for her. Everything should be right with the worlds.

But war has finally come to the galactic neighborhood. The Delnadians have started taking out their age-old grievances against the humans on them. The two sides are only starting the fighting, but it was only a matter of time until it came to blows. Until people started dying on both sides.

The one thing that both sides need to fight the war is mages. They had powered the fleets for centuries, ever since the Delnadians first brought their FTL drives out of their factories and hooked them up to the mana reactors. But with the demense affecting more and more of them, there are fewer of them out there to take on the role of powering the reactors. How soon will it start impacting the war effort? Which side will feel the impact first? Will Dor's mother be the first one to go? While Dor hopes thats not the case, she already knows that, in space, no one can hear you fly.


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Chapter One Surgery
Chapter Three First Third Watch
Chapter Five A Break with Old Friends
Chapter Seven Briefings
Chapter Nine Arrival
Chapter Eleven Running
Chapter Thirteen Rescued
Chapter Fifteen Epiphany
Chapter Seventeen Mage Mixer
Chapter Nineteen Dreams
Chapter TwentyOne Were
Chapter TwentyThree The New Digs
Chapter TwentyFive A Free Morning

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About the author (2021)

Cassandra Morphy is a Business Data Analyst, working with numbers by day, but words by night. She grew up escaping the world, into the other realities of books, TV shows, and movies, and now she writes about those same worlds. Her only hope in life is to reach one person with her work, the way so many others had reached her. As a TV addict and avid movie goer, her entire life is just one big research project, focused on generating innovative ideas for worlds that don’t exist anywhere other than in her sick, twisted mind.

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