discordant thots of a disabled mind, vol.i

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PonderHouse, Dec 31, 2015 - Social Science - 30 pages

dear reader,

this is my mind.. on disability. 
i always keep a notepad handy, as external brain dump. 
if i don't write it down it'll roll around, endlessly. or i forget it, immediately. 
this collection is comprised of thots which i did(n't) share elsewhere, and perhaps should(n't) have. 
there is no context. there is no clarification. there only is what there is. 
often, it is all in how you choose to interpret what's written. 
volume i originated within 2012–2013.


be well.
~ silent.ponderhouse.com

ps. wrote in American English, all intent lost in translation.

– it is always better to do nothing with someone else, rather than all by yourself. 
– it is amazing how quick we are to dismiss somebody who doesn't like something we love. 
– those that have only been bruised by life don't really understand what it is to have been burned by it. 
– how can you expect to discover something new if you only ever approach anything the same way everyone else does? 
– the human brain is a loaded gun.. you can do something/nothing good/bad with it, depends where it is aimed, and with how much skill. 
– it seems to ever be true that you are always at your most brilliant when absolutely nobody was watching.. the opposite is true of mishap. 
– the hardest step for me is acceptance.. not when things go wrong, i'm used to that, but when something goes right. 
– never, ever, shake your fist at the sky and yell, “is that all you've got?” because, no, it isn't. 
– it is easy to criticize, it is harder to create.. partly, because people will criticize. 
– if you're really that bored, go out and make an enemy. that'll kill some time.

for pseudo-context,
temporal near-alignment:

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