Computer Architecture MCQs: Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (Quiz & Tests with Answer Keys)

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Computer Architecture Multiple Choice Questions and Answers pdf: MCQs, Quizzes & Practice Tests. Computer architecture quiz questions and answers pdf with practice tests for online exam prep and job interview prep. Computer architecture study guide with questions and answers about assessing computer performance, computer architecture and organization, computer arithmetic, computer language and instructions, computer memory review, computer technology, data level parallelism and GPU architecture, embedded systems, exploiting memory, instruction level parallelism, instruction set principles, interconnection networks, memory hierarchy design, networks, storage and peripherals, pipe-lining in computer architecture, pipe-lining performance, processor datapath and control, quantitative design and analysis, request level and data level parallelism, storage systems, thread level parallelism.

Computer architecture MCQ questions and answers to get prepare for career placement tests and job interview prep with answers key. Practice exam questions and answers about computer science, composed from computer architecture textbooks on chapters:

Assessing Computer Performance Practice Test: 13 MCQs

Computer Architecture and Organization Practice Test: 19 MCQs

Computer Arithmetic Practice Test: 33 MCQs

Computer Language and Instructions Practice Test: 52 MCQs

Computer Memory Review Practice Test: 66 MCQs

Computer Technology Practice Test: 14 MCQs

Data Level Parallelism and GPU Architecture Practice Test: 38 MCQs

Embedded Systems Practice Test: 21 MCQs

Exploiting Memory Practice Test: 29 MCQs

Instruction Level Parallelism Practice Test: 52 MCQs

Instruction Set Principles Practice Test: 30 MCQs

Interconnection Networks Practice Test: 56 MCQs

Memory Hierarchy Design Practice Test: 37 MCQs

Networks, Storage and Peripherals Practice Test: 20 MCQs

Pipelining in Computer Architecture Practice Test: 56 MCQs

Pipelining Performance Practice Test: 15 MCQs

Processor Datapath and Control Practice Test: 21 MCQs

Quantitative Design and Analysis Practice Test: 49 MCQs

Request Level and Data Level Parallelism Practice Test: 32 MCQs

Storage Systems Practice Test: 43 MCQs

Thread Level Parallelism Practice Test: 37 MCQs

Computer architecture interview questions and answers on 32 bits MIPS addressing, addition and subtraction, advanced branch prediction, advanced techniques and speculation, architectural design vectors, architecture and networks, arrays and pointers, basic cache optimization methods, basic compiler techniques, cache optimization techniques, cache performance optimizations, caches and cache types, caches performance, case study: sanyo vpc-sx500 camera.

Computer architecture test questions and answers on cloud computing, compiler optimization, computer architecture, computer architecture: memory hierarchy, computer code, computer hardware operands, computer hardware operations, computer hardware procedures, computer instructions and languages, computer instructions representations, computer networking, computer organization, computer systems: virtual memory, computer types, cost trends and analysis.

Computer architecture exam questions and answers on CPU performance, datapath design, dependability, design of memory hierarchies, designing and evaluating an i/o system, disk storage and dependability, distributed shared memory and coherence, division calculations, dynamic scheduling algorithm, dynamic scheduling and data hazards, embedded multiprocessors, encoding an instruction set, exceptions, exploiting ilp using multiple issue, fallacies and pitfalls, floating point, google warehouse scale, GPU architecture issues.

Computer architecture objective questions and answers on GPU computing, graphics processing units, hardware based speculation, how virtual memory works, i/o performance, reliability measures and benchmarks, i/o system design, IA 32 instructions, ia-32 3-7 floating number, ILP approaches and memory system, implementation issues of pipe-lining, instruction level parallelism, instruction set architectures, instruction set operations, integrated circuits: power and energy, Intel core i7, interconnect networks, introduction of memory, introduction to computer performance, introduction to computer technology, introduction to embedded systems, introduction to interconnection networks, introduction to memory hierarchy design.

Computer architecture certification questions on introduction to networks, storage and peripherals, introduction to pipe-lining, introduction to storage systems, learn virtual memory, limitations of ILP, logical instructions, logical operations, loop level parallelism detection, major hurdle of pipelining, measuring and improving cache performance, memory addresses, memory addressing, memory hierarchies framework, memory hierarchy review, memory technology and optimizations, memory technology review, MIPS fields, MIPS pipeline and multi-cycle, MIPS R4000 pipeline, models of memory consistency, multi-core processors and performance, multi-cycle implementation, multiplication calculations, network connectivity, network routing, arbitration and switching, network topologies, network topology, networking basics, operands type and size, operating systems: virtual memory, organization of Pentium implementations, Pentium P4 and AMD Opteron memory, performance and price analysis, performance measurement, physical infrastructure and costs, pipelined datapath, pipe-lining crosscutting issues, pipe-lining data hazards, pipe-lining implementation, pipe-lining: basic and intermediate concepts, processor, memory and i/o devices interface, program translation, programming models and workloads, quantitative design and analysis, quantitative principles of computer design, queuing theory, real faults and failures, role of compilers, shared memory architectures, signal processing and embedded applications, signed and unsigned numbers, SIMD instruction set extensions, simple implementation scheme, six basic cache optimizations, sorting program, storage crosscutting issues, switch micro-architecture, symmetric shared memory multiprocessors, synchronization basics, thread level parallelism, two spec benchmark test, understanding virtual memory, vector architecture design, virtual machines protection, what is computer architecture, what is pipe-lining, what is virtual memory for competitive exams preparation.


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Assessing Computer Performance
Computer Architecture and Organization
Computer Arithmetic
Computer Language and Instructions
Computer Memory Review
Computer Technology
Data Level Parallelism and GPU Architecture
Embedded Systems
Interconnection Networks
Memory Hierarchy Design
Networks Storage and Peripherals
Pipelining in Computer Architecture
Pipelining Performance
Processor Datapath and Control
Quantitative Design and Analysis
Request Level and Data Level Parallelism

Exploiting Memory
Instruction Level Parallelism
Instruction Set Principles
Storage Systems
Thread Level Parallelism Answer Keys

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