Papers and Notes on the Glacial Geology of Great Britain and Ireland

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Longmans, Green, and Company, 1894 - Geology - 469 pages
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Page 8 - ... from those due to icebergs or to torrential rivers, and to trace out a series of terminal moraines both at the edge of the ice-sheet, and at the edge of its confluent lobes. Perhaps the finest exhibition of a terminal moraine in England is in the vicinity of Ellesmere in Shropshire. A great mass of drift several miles in width, and full of erratics from Scotland and from Wales, is here heaped into conical hills which enclose " kettleholes " and lakes, and have all the characters of the "kettle...
Page 8 - Hills up to a height of 1,300 feet, in the form of mounds and hummocks. South and east of this long moraine no signs of glaciation were discovered, while north and west of it there is every evidence of a continuous ice-sheet covering land and sea alike. The...
Page 7 - This great moraine, filled with far travelled northern erratics, is heaped up in hummocks and irregular ridges, and is in many places as characteristically developed as anywhere in America. It has none of the characters of a sea-beach, although often containing broken shells brought from the Irish Sea. It may be followed from the extreme end of the Lleyn Peninsula (where it is full of Scotch granite erratics), in a north-easterly direction through Carnarvonshire, past Moel...
Page lxxix - Atlantic had convinced the author of the essential identity of these phenomena ; and the object of this paper was to show that the glacial deposits of Great Britain and Ireland, like those of America, may be interpreted most satisfactorily by considering them with reference to a series of great terminal moraines, which both define confluent lobes of ice, and often mark the line separating the glaciated from the nonglaciated areas.
Page liv - In 1887 the project was enlarged to provide for the construction of two breakwaters — one on the north, the other on the south side of the...
Page 8 - The striae and the transport of boulders agree in proving a southerly and south-easterly direction of ice-movement in Lancashire and Cheshire. From Skipton northward the phenomena are more complicated. A tongue of ice surmounted the water-shed near Skipton, and protruded down the valley of the Aire as far as Bingley, where its terminal moraine is thrown across the valley like a great dam, reminding one of similar moraine dams in several Pennsylvanian valleys.
Page 4 - ... greater part of Ireland was composed of confluent glaciers, while distinct and local glacial systems occurred in the non-glaciated area. The principal ice-sheet resembled that of America in having for its centre a great inland depression surrounded by a rim of mountains. These appear to have given rise to the first glaciers, which after uniting poured outwards in all directions. Great lobes...
Page 8 - ... of Wisconsin. Like the latter, the Ellesmere moraine here divides two great lobes of ice, one coming from Scotland, the other from Wales. This moraine may be traced continuously from Ellesmere eastward, through Madeley...
Page 181 - There must have been a great barrier along what is now the seaside plain to dam up the mouths of these valleys to a great height and prevent their discharge of ice to the south-west. Just where this barrier should have existed we find evidence of a great stream of ice coming from the Lake-district, and bearing with it rock specimens of that country.
Page 9 - Another great glacier, much larger than this, descended Wensleydale and reached the plain of York. The most complex glacial movements in England occurred in the mountain region about the Nine Standards, where local glaciers met and were overpowered by the greater ice-sheet coming down from Cumberland. The ice-sheet itself was höre divided, one portion going southward, the other in company with local glaciers and laden with the well-known boulders of

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