The Inner Sea: The Mediterranean and Its People

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Alfred A. Knopf, 1993 - 575
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In Fox's animated and perceptive chronicles, we discover a world in fermentation, stirred by irresistible forces of change: the growth of populations in the south (owing to overwhelming waves of migration from North Africa), the ever-mounting pressures on a perilously fragile ecosystem, the revival of ancient religions in more fanatical form. Perhaps most alarming are the political changes. The Mediterranean has always been a varied human mosaic in which ties of tribe and custom have been more meaningful than national boundaries. But as Fox persuasively shows, the new order now emerging after the end of the Cold War calls into question the very survival of the traditional nation-state - most notably in Yugoslavia, where long-suppressed ethnic rivalries have been unleashed, leading to full-blown war, and in Italy, where regional differences and the ever more powerful grip of organized crime threaten the dissolution of that nation.

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The inner sea: the Mediterranean and its people

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Journalist Fox has written an ambitious book, studying the diversity of this "untidy place with an untidy past'' and thereby discovering the common elements that bind together the Mediterranean ... Przeczytaj pełną recenzję

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PrologueThe Sea and Its People
The Western Basin
The Old Mediterranean Renaissance
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