The Cause of Business Depressions as Disclosed by an Analysis of the Basic Principles of Economics

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J.B. Lippincott, 1914 - Currency question - 531 pages
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Page 506 - Chinese society will enter the era of communism in which the principle of 'from each according to his ability and to each according to his needs
Page 26 - has freedom to do all that he wills, provided he infringes not the equal freedom of any other...
Page 225 - Corn is not high because a rent is paid, but a rent is paid because corn is high ; and it has been justly observed that no reduction would take place in the price of corn, although landlords should forego the whole of their rent.
Page 224 - When land of the third quality is taken into cultivation, rent immediately commences on the second, and it is regulated as before, by the difference in their productive powers. At the same time, the rent of the first quality will rise...
Page 213 - Each of these units is the same as any other, so far as it has the character of the average labour-power of society, and takes effect as such ; that is, so far as it requires for producing a commodity, no more time than is needed on an average, no more than is socially necessary.
Page 214 - So far as it has value, it represents no more than a definite quantity of the average labour of society incorporated in it.
Page 249 - Thus interest springs from the power of increase which the reproductive forces of nature, and the in effect analogous capacity for exchange, give to capital.
Page 214 - The value of labour-power is determined, as in the case of every other commodity, by the labour-time necessary for the production, and consequently also the reproduction, of this special article.
Page 264 - Here then we have reached the goal of the present inquiry, and may formulate it thus : the value of a good is measured by the importance of that concrete want, or partial want, which is least urgent among the wants that are met from the available stock of similar goods.
Page 278 - When one person lends to another, as well as when he pays wages or rent to another, what he transfers is not the mere money, but a right to a certain value of the produce of the country, to be selected at pleasure ; the hmder having first bought this right, by giving for it a portion of his capita).

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