Compendium of Bean Diseases

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Howard F. Schwartz, Robert Hall
APS Press, American Phytopathological Society, 2005 - Počet stran: 109
The Compendium of Bean Diseases, Second Edition is the first book in the Compendium of Plant Disease Series to be published in full color throughout. The 183 color images are now located in their corresponding disease review section for ease of use and diagnosis. The second edition has also been thoroughly updated and expanded to provide the most current and relevant information available. With 10 new disease reviews, this compendium covers more than 85 diseases affecting beans throughout the world. More than 35% of the images and figures are new. Introductory sections on disease diagnosis and plant health have also been added.The second edition is a comprehensive, authoritative, and modern account of bean diseases that is international in scope and practical in emphasis. Designed to assist in disease diagnosis and provide recommendations for disease management, this book contains descriptions and illustrations of infectious diseases caused by fungi, bacteria, nematodes, viruses, and phytoplasms and noninfectious diseases caused by abiotic factors, such as moisture stress, pesticides, air pollution, and mineral deficiencies and toxicities. Descriptions of each disease include a general account of its importance and world distribution, symptoms, causal organism or agent, disease cycle and epidemiology, management, and selected references.Disease management must be both economical and compatible with the environment and production system. Thus, the book presents many disease management recommendations that may be adapted to a wide range of cropping conditions.This compendium is useful in the field, laboratory, or diagnostic clinic. It will be helpful to plant pathologists, crop production specialists, crop consultants, growers, diagnostic clinicians, regulatory agents, agribusiness representatives, educators, researchers, students, extension specialists, county agents, and others interested in the recognition or management of bean diseases throughout the world.Includes diseases and disorders of most bean market classes including: Snap Pole or Climbing Lima Kidney Pinto Great Northern Navy Black Red Pink Cranberry

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