The Publications of the Pipe Roll Society, Volume 29

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Pipe Roll Society, 1908 - Finance
Some volumes include Report of the Society.

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Page i - Secretary, shall form a quorum. In case of equality of votes, the Chairman to have a casting vote.
Page i - The accounts of the receipts and expenditure of the Society shall be audited annually by two Auditors, to be elected at the Annual General Meeting; an abstract of such accounts shall be printed for the use of the Members.
Page i - II. — It shall have for its primary object the publication of the Pipe Rolls of the reign of Henry the Second ; but all National Manuscripts of a date prior to the year AD 1200 will be dealt with in the order of their importance. III. — The Governing Body shall consist of a President, two VicePresidents, and a Committee of at least Twenty Members (with power to add to their number); and the Secretary and Treasurer shall be ex officio Members of the Committee. Three Members shall form a quorum....
Page viii - AD 1160-61 (0 rotulets). V. The Pipe Roll of the Eighth year of King Henry II., AD 1161-62 (7 rotulets). In 1885-6, two volumes :— VI. The Pipe Roll of the Ninth year of King Henry II., AD 1162-63 (7 rotulets). VII. The Pipe Roll of the Tenth year of King Henry II., AD 1163-64 (4 rotulets). In 1886-7, one volume :— VIII. The Pipe Roll of the Eleventh year of King Henry II., AD...
Page i - VII.—At the General Meeting it shall be open to any Member of the Society to nominate another Member to be placed on the Committee, subject to the approval of the Committee for the time being; but at least one month's notice of such intention shall be given in writing to the Secretary. LIST OF MEMBERS. December 31st, 1888. ADVOCATES' LIBRARY, Edinburgh (per JT Clark, Esq., Keeper).
Page i - SOCIETY (f. 1887) is designed 'to encourage the study and advance the knowledge of the history of English law,' and its publications contain a large amount 1 William the Conqueror, by EA Freeman ; Henry II, , by Mrs. J. R. Green ; Edward I., by TF Tout...
Page xiii - Messrs. GE Stechert & Co., 2 Star Yard, Carey Street, Chancery Lane, WC 2.
Page viii - ... recommendation in the shape of a Preface, for which the Members of the Society are indebted to the kindness of the new President. The following list describes the publications up to date. In 1883-4, three volumes :— I. The Pipe Roll of the Fifth year of King Henry II., AD 1158-59 (9 rotalefcs).
Page 139 - Middelton' ad perficiendas xl. libratas terre quas -Rex dedit Deo et Beato Tome (other allowances 15/.. 3s. 8d.). Et Rohesie sorori Sancti Tome xjZ. de elemosina Regis in molendino Cantuarie. Et hospitali de Blien cs. in Leesdon' ad inveniendos ij capellanos et clericos eorum inperpetuum in obsequio hospitalis.
Page ix - Feer of Fines of the Ninth Year of the Reign of King Richard I, AD 1197 to AD 1198 (Pipe Roll Soc., XXIII, London, 1898).

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