Feudal Relations Between the Kings of England and Scotland Under the Early Plantagenets

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University of Chicago Press, 1897 - England - 159 pages
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Page 43 - I will desist from my opposition ; for, with respect to the King of England, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and the sacerdotal benediction, I had notions which, as I have since learned, were erroneous. They will not separate me from the service of God and your favour. In those things I will act according to your inclinations, if you only permit me to enjoy the other rights belonging to the see of St. Andrew's.
Page 29 - While king William was out of England, king Malcolm of Scotland came hither into England, and harried a great deal of it, until the good men who had charge of this land sent a force against him, and turned him back. When king William in Normandy heard of this, he made ready for his departure, and came to England, and his brother the count Robert with him, and forthwith ordered a force to be called out...
Page viii - and then chose him for father and for lord, the king of the Scots and the whole nation of the Scots", and Regnold and the son of Eadulf, and all those who dwell in Northumbria, as well English as Danes, and Northmen and others, and also the king of the Strathclyde Britons, and all the Strathclyde Britons.
Page 32 - ... been promised him ; and therefore in great hostility they parted, and king Malcolm returned home to Scotland. But as soon as he came home, he gathered his army, and marched into England, harrying with more animosity than ever behoved him. And then Robert the earl of Northumberland ensnared him with his men unawares, and slew him. Morel of Bamborough slew him, who was the earl's steward and king Malcolm's gossip. With him was also slain his son Edward, who should, if he had lived, have been king...
Page 35 - ... heard that all this had so happened, he came to the king and did such fealty as the king would have of him, and so, with consent, went to Scotland with what aid he could get of English and French, and deprived his kinsman Donald of the kingdom, and was received as king.
Page 14 - Cnut], frater ipsius Eadulf cognomento Cudel, ignavus valde et timidus, ei successit in comitatum. Timens autem ne Scotti mortem suorum quos frater ejus, ut supradictum est, occiderat, in se vindicarent totum Lodoneium, ob satisfactionem et nrmam concordiam eis donavit. Hoc modo Lodoneium adjectum est regno Scottorum.* MXVIIJ.
Page xvi - Northan-hymbra-land, as well English as Danes, and Northmen and others, and also the king of the Strathclyde Welsh, and all the Strathclyde Welsh.
Page 29 - ... that they would seek him with a force, he went with his force out of Scotland into the district of Leeds, in England, and there awaited. When king William with his force approached, then intervened count Robert and Eadgar aetheling, and so made a reconciliation between the kings ; so that king Malcolm came to our king, and became his man, with all such obedience as he had before paid to his father, and that with oath confirmed.
Page 2 - Bamborough, and they confirmed the peace by pledge and by oaths at the place which is called...
Page ix - Intro, xix-xxii.) ; and as the "imperial " claims of the English crown seem to date pretty much from the later days of Eadgar or the beginning of ^Ethelred's reign, an entry made at that time would naturally take its form from them.

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