The Progress of Crime, Or The Authentic Memoirs of Maria Manning

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M'Gowan and Son, 1849 - Crime - 831 pages

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Page 37 - Freberg, thou know'st not man ; not nature's man, But only him who, in smooth studied works Of polish'd sages, shines deceitfully In all the splendid foppery of virtue. That man was never born whose secret soul, With all its motley treasure of dark thoughts, Foul fantasies, vain musings, and wild dreams, Was ever opened to another's scan.
Page 344 - Some natural tears he dropped, but wiped them soon ; The world was all before him, where to choose His place of rest, and Providence his guide.3 80.
Page 440 - I will collect some rare, some cheerful friends, And we shall spend together glorious hours, That gods might envy. Little time so spent Doth far outvalue all our life beside. This is indeed our life, our waking life, The rest dull breathing sleep.
Page 58 - I know that there are angry spirits And turbulent mutterers of stifled treason, Who lurk in narrow places, and walk out Muffled to whisper curses to the night...
Page 808 - set forth as a propitiation for the remission of sins that are past," to declare and assure us, that, without departing from the just rule, by which all men must, in the main, be tried, still He will pardon and justify
Page 717 - Short is the course of every lawless pleasure; grief, like a shade, on all its footsteps waits, scarce visible in joy's meridian height; but downward as its blaze declining speeds, the dwarfish shadow to a giant spreads.
Page 1 - But she has passions which outstrip the wind, And tear her virtues up, as tempests root The sea. I fear when she shall know the truth, Some swift and dire event of her blind rage Will make all fatal. But behold she comes For whom I fear, to shield me from my fears, The cause and comfort of my boding heart.
Page 359 - Ah ! what is human life ? How, like the dial's tardy moving shade, Day after day slides from us unperceived, The cunning fugitive is swift by steal'-h. Too subtle is the movement to be seen, Yet soon the hour is up— and we are gone.
Page 800 - ... which you are conducted be that there is that degree of certainty in the case that you would act upon in your own grave and important concerns, that is the degree of certainty which the law requires, and which will justify you in returning a verdict of guilty against one or both of the prisoners. It is not necessary that a crime should be established beyond the possibility of doubt. There are crimes committed in darkness and secrecy, that can only be traced and brought to light by a comparison...
Page 821 - Civlcraft withdrew the bolt, the drop fell, and the sentence of the law was fulfilled. They died almost without a struggle, and the bodies, having been allowed to hang for an hour, were cut down, and in the evening buried within the precincts of the gaol. " The mob during this terrible scene exhibited no feeling except one of heartless indifference and levity. Not a single yell or cry of execration could be heard; scarcely a hat or cap was raised while the drop fell, and the bodies of the murderers...

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