The Numismatic Chronicle

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Royal Numismatic Society., 1891 - Numismatics
With v. 1 is bound; Horta, de, chevalier. Catalogue d'une partie de la collection de médailles. Londres, J. Wertheimer.

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Page 40 - Somewhat about this time came letters from Ferdinando and Isabella, king and queen of Spain, signifying the final conquest of Granada from the Moors, which action, in itself so worthy, king Ferdinando, whose manner was never to lose any virtue for the...
Page 40 - Moors, pass before his eyes, singing a psalm for their redemption; and that he had given tribute unto God, by alms and relief extended to them all, for his admission into the city. These things were in the letters, with many more ceremonies of a kind of holy ostentation. " The king, ever willing to put himself into the consort or quire of all religious actions, and naturally affecting much the king of Spain, as far as one king can affect another...
Page 90 - He was a Fellow of the Royal Society, and of the Society of Antiquaries, and joined this Society in 1839.
Page 383 - The Parliament of Ireland — of that assembly I have a parental recollection. I sate by her cradle, I followed her hearse. In fourteen years she acquired for Ireland what you did not acquire for England in a century — freedom of trade, independency of the legislature, independency of the judges, restoration of the final judicature, repeal of a perpetual mutiny bill, habeas corpus act, imllum Lumpurf aet==aTgreaTTWitl You will exceed it, and I shall rejoice.
Page 91 - In his firm opinion, his Royal Highness the Prince of "Wales had as clear, as express a right to assume the reins of government and exercise the power of sovereignty during the continuance of the illness and incapacity with which it had pleased God to afflict his Majesty, as in the case of his Majesty's having undergone a natural and perfect demise...
Page 256 - From what has been already said, it will be seen that the disease is at once acute, painful, and disabling.
Page 384 - In less than an hour and a half from the commencement of the action the enemy was in full retreat.
Page 91 - How much the greatest event it is that ever happened in the world ! and how much the best...
Page 66 - ... emigrated to America, whence he returned when he fancied that no prosecution was to be dreaded. Falling again into his old practices, he was tried on March 6, 1812, for again publishing some of the writings of Thomas Paine. This was his sixth prosecution, and upon being brought up for judgment in May he was sentenced to eighteen months' imprisonment and to stand in the pillory.
Page 388 - ... terms which Bancroft sought to impose upon them ; but Collier denies the accuracy of this statement, and says, that not more than forty-nine were deprived, on any account whatever, throughout the realm.i In September, 1605, the archbishop was sworn in one of his majesty's privy council. In 1608, he was elected chancellor of the university of Oxford, in the place of the deceased earl of Dorset. In 1609, he presented a plan to parliament for the better maintenance of the clergy, according to which,...

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