Beatrice Cenci: A Tale of the Sixteenth Century, Volume 2

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Page 89 - I do not see that it has anything to do with the question of high bowling.
Page 243 - Roman people had but one head that he might sever it at a blow.
Page 130 - eross a father's throat, And earve with them the bloody meal ye earn'd. Mstiu, in's Bertram. Are, heaven and earth do ery, impossible, The shuddering angels round the eternal throne, Veiling themselves in glory, shriek, impossible, But hell doth know it true.
Page 295 - Fifty torches surrounded the bier, and so numerous were the lamps in the windows of the streets through which the funeral procesSion passed, so abundant the showers of roses poured upon the bier, that the people declared it surpassed the procession of Corpus Domini.
Page 295 - The warden announced that the church was about to be closed, and waiting until, as he thought, all had departed, he turned the ponderous door on its hinges and shut it with a violent noise.
Page 296 - The lamps which, at wide distances, burned feebly before the altars of the saints, lent additional solemnity and awe to the obscurity of the place.
Page 269 - Louisa senseless at his feet, he raised his eyes to heaven, and exclaimed : " I thank thee, O Lord ! that, having afforded me the consolation of seeing her once more before death, thon hast spared her the pangs of this final separation.
Page 62 - This was three kisses ; one on the forehead, one on the mouth, and one on the breast.
Page 177 - Let them all be tied to the tails of wild horses, and dragged till death ensues ; and their bodies be then cast into the Tiber.
Page 187 - As a roaring lion, and a raging bear, BO Is a wicked rnler over the poor people.

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