The Natural History of Oxford-shire: Being an Essay Towards the Natural History of England

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Leon. Lichfield, 1705 - Natural history - 366 pages

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Page 276 - Grcdt and Romans, which were too large to be covered with lead or tile, fo this, by the painting of the flat roof within, is reprefented open; and as they ftretched...
Page 206 - October 14 and 15 they had little disturbance, but on the 16th there came, as they thought, something into the bed-chamber where two of the commissioners and their servants lay...
Page 209 - ... eyes, saw the similitude of a hoof striking the candle and candlestick into the middle of the bed-chamber, and afterwards making three scrapes on the snuff to put it out. Upon this, the same person was so bold as to draw his sword, but he had scarce got it out, but there was another invisible hand had hold of it too, and tugged with him for it; and prevailing, struck him so violently, that he was stunned with the blow.
Page 276 - Students of thofe Arts: And that this Aflembly might be perfectly happy, their great Enemies and Difturbers, Envy, Rapine, and Brutality, are by the Genii of their oppofite Virtues, 'viz.
Page 208 - ... he had been in, snatched a sword, and had like to have killed one of his brethren coming out of his bed in his shirt, whom he took for the spirit that did the mischief. However, at length they got all together ; yet the noise continued so great and terrible, and shook the walls so much, that they thought the whole manor would have fallen on their heads.
Page 200 - They *et up a post perpendicularly in the ground, and then placed a slender piece of timber on the top of it on a spindle, with a board nailed to it on •one end, and a bag of land on the other.
Page 276 - Printing,, with a Cafe of Letters in one Hand, and a Form ready fet in the other, and by her feveral meets hanging to dry, On the left fide the circle, oppofite to Theology, in three S^atss, are.
Page 307 - Itfs by an alteration in the gravity of the air, where the furface of the water cuts the thread is formed a fmall bubble, which afcends up the thread while the mercury <,f the common baro'-'°pe afcends, and vice verfa.
Page 277 - Astronomy, with the Celestial Globe, Geography, with the Terrestrial, together with three attending Genii, having Arithmetic in the square on one hand, with a paper of figures; Optics with the perspective Glass ; Geometry, with a pair of Compasses in her left hand; and a table, with geometrical figures in it, in her right hand.
Page 198 - ... anatomy professor of the University, Dr. Wallis, and Dr. Clarke, then president of Magdalen College, and vicechancellor of the University, came to prepare the body for dissection, they perceived some small rattling in her throat ; hereupon...

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