Catalogue of Seals in the Department of Manuscripts in the British Museum, Volume 2

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Page 148 - ... shield of arms — left, three garbs ; right, two piles meeting towards the base. Below, two kneeling figures — that on the right John Balliol of Barnard Castle, founder, in armour, with a shield of arms : an orle (Balliol) ; that on the left his wife, the lady Devorguilla, holding by the left hand a shield of arms : a lion rampant (Galloway). Each of these figures is holding up the hand, supporting a model of the collegiate buildings (thereby indicated to be dedicated to the Virgin), which...
Page 58 - ... Antrim, he had four children : Charles, who died an infant ;, George, the witty duke, who succeeded him ; Francis, who fell in the civil wars ; and Mary, afterwards Duchess of Richmond. THE LORD CHAMBERLINE, pp. 22, 23. ARMS. — Per pale az. and gu., three lions rampant, two and one, arg. ; the shield encircled with a garter, inscribed with the motto of the order, and ensigned with the coronet of an earl. ' William Herbert, third Earl of Pembroke, was the eldest son of Henry Herbert, the second...
Page 217 - November 3, 1372, he was called prince of Aquitaine and Wales, duke of Cornwall and earl of Chester ; after 1372 his titles were the same as in 1343-62.
Page 124 - The living -is a vicarage, in the peculiar jurisdiction and patronage of the Archbishop of Canterbury, rated in the king's books at 7.
Page 58 - SEAL OF HENRY, PRINCE OF WALES, DUKE OF CORNWALL, AND EARL OF CHESTER, AFTERWARDS HENRY V. OFFICE OF THE COCKETT. In a quadrilobe a shield of arms : quarterly i, 4, France, modern ; 2, 3, England ; over all a label of three points, each indistinctly charged ; Henry Prince of Wales. Between two ostrich feathers labelled ; over the shield a swan rising. S'HENRIC'PRINCIPIS WAL'DUC'CORNUB...
Page 442 - Heleye^' co. Salop. 7026. [Temp. Edw. III.] Green: very imperfect. About \\ in. when perfect. [Harl. ch. 45 E. 38. | A shield of arms, coucht: fretty, for a fret, AUDLEY. Crest on a helmet, with grating, and lambrequin, a (griffin's?) head and wings erect.
Page 728 - blotted out. 80 yeares since." Between the chancel and this yle another monument, more costly, arched over, of white stone too, the statue of a knight, armes, and a ruffe, and gathered breeches, and a lady by him ; these two coates often carved : POULET. Quarterly, in the 2nd and 3rd quarters a fret, over all a fess [NORREYS]. The statues of four sons : Joh'es P. films et heres ; Amos [sc. Amias] P. filius 2d"9 ; Henr. P. filius 3 ; Tho. P. f. 4, obijt 14 July, 1611. Phillipus P. f. quintus.
Page 217 - Within a carved rosette of eight semicircular cusps, with a sunken trefoil in each spandril, and suspended by the strap or guige from an oak-tree between two slipped branches of the same, a shield of arms : ENGLAND, with a label of five points.
Page 330 - To the r. In armour ; hauberk of mail, surcoat, sword, shield of arms slung by the strap over the shoulder. Horse galloping. Arms as on rev.
Page 781 - Crest on a helmet and lambrequin, out of a ducal coronet, a plume of ostrich feathers. Supporters [two?] demi-lions. Within a carved gothic panel, ornamented with ball-flowers along the inner edge. Stg

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